Tesla Model X Revealed: Electric Car Gets Falcon Wing Doors [Video]

The Tesla Model X was unveiled last night at the company’s Southern California Design Studio. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, said that the new electric car would enter production late next year.

If you’re eager to get your hands on the Tesla Model X you can reserve one starting tomorrow. Tesla’s new car will be available for $500,000 to $75,000 before tax incentive and rebates.

Musk said:

“This is kind of the killer app for families. It has more utility than a minivan, and better performance, much better performance, than an S.U.V.”

The CS Monitor reports that the Tesla Model X will have a range of about 250 models, depending on what battery pack (either a 60 or 85 Kilowatt battery pack) you choose. The Model X will also feature dual electric motors. One engine will power the front wheels and one will power the rear wheels, giving the new car all wheel drive and greater responsiveness.

On the luxury aesthetic side, the new car features “Falcon Wing” doors. Musk said that the doors, unlike other luxury car doors, have special hinges that make it possible for them to open in small spaces.

Musk said:

“You can get in and out in the tightest garage or parking spot without hitting the wall or car next to you, or your head.”

Here’s a video from the event last night. (The Tesla Model X is revealed around the 3 minute mark.)

Are you interested in electric cars? Would you drive the Tesla Model X?