Kate Hudson, Chris Martin Beach Play Date: A Friendly Outing Or Something More?

Kate Hudson, Chris Martin beach party

Kate Hudson and Chris Martin’s beach playdate is generating quite a bit of buzz. The two were seen hanging out together in Malibu on Saturday, with the kids along for some fun. Is this just a meeting between long-time friends or something more? Some are definitely wondering.

Chris Martin split with wife Gwyneth Paltrow a while back, though most recently he had been linked with actress Jennifer Lawrence in an on-again-off-again relationship. Kate Hudson split from fiancé Matthew Bellamy last December, though she hasn’t been seriously linked to anybody since then.

According to TMZ, Kate Hudson and Chris Martin’s beach gathering on Saturday did include their kids, Apple and Moses for Martin, along with Ryder and Bing for Hudson. Photos taken as the two families hung out Saturday show the kids palling around while Kate and Chris sat and chatted on the sand.

The Daily Mail notes that after the day at the beach, the two families moved on to have dinner together at a nearby restaurant. While the two have run in the same circles and have been friendly for years, there have been murmurs about something potentially more brewing between these two over the years.

Some time back, Blind Gossip teased fans with a post that claimed that there was more than friendship brewing between Kate Hudson and Chris Martin. Many would say that Kate does have a type, as both of her kids came via relationships with musicians.

As for Martin, he had moved on from Gwyneth to Jennifer Lawrence relatively quickly after his split. The two dated for a bit, then supposedly split, then reconciled and word was it that they hadn’t really split at all. Many have thought the two were still together, but they aren’t all that public about things so it’s not always easy to tell their status.

Is the Hudson and Martin beach outing just a chance for old friends to catch up and the kids to play? Or is the outing that happened to be fairly heavily photographed a sign of something more? Many seem to believe that while Kate may be hoping for something more when it comes to her relationship with the Coldplay singer, it may be a bit one-sided.

Time will tell if the Kate Hudson and Chris Martin beach excursion translates to more than a friendship between the two. At this point, there is no sign that this is anything romantic, but that hasn’t stopped people from buzzing a bit about it.

[Image via Us Magazine]