More ‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’ Trailers Released Before Launch

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Image courtesy Square Enix

As series fans are well-aware, nothing is ever “final” when it comes to Final Fantasy. Despite the previously released “final trailer” for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Square Enix has released several additional new trailers prior to launch. The most recent gameplay trailer is titled “The Legacy Lives On.”

The overarching message of “The Legacy Lives On” trailer is that even though Type-0 HD has been touted as “a new type of Final Fantasy,” it still incorporates enough of what fans love about the series to be carry on the legacy. In the description of the video on YouTube, Square Enix notes just how the characters and gameplay carry on the spirit of Final Fantasy.

“Although FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD offers a new and exciting type of gameplay, you’ll still find lots of elements you’ve come to know and love from the series. There are some familiar faces to lend a hand on your journey and some not-so-helpful ones you’ll recognize too. Customization and character growth are key to victory as you enter the fray to defeat the enemy and uncover the secrets behind the war that threatens to tear apart the world of Orience.”

While character growth is an important part of the gameplay in pretty much every Final Fantasy title, fans have also come to expect a decent amount of character development within the story.

At PAX East, Square Enix put character development front and center with another Type-0 HD trailer that focuses on two members of Class Zero, Rem and Machina. The PAX Trailer includes voice over narrations from these characters’ thoughts superimposed over grim and gritty scenes from the game. From what has been seen in all the trailers thus far, in the fray of this dramatic war-themed game, lots of characters get shot, maimed, and/or are covered in blood. How many of the students in Class Zero get to live long enough to display any kind of character development remains to be seen.

Since Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has received an M for Mature rating from the ESRB, the trailers may not play unless viewers sign in to their YouTube account to confirm their age. Amongst the content warnings are descriptors that include “blood,” “violence,” and “suggestive themes.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America on March 17, Japan on March 19, and Europe March 20.