‘Flash’ Producer Hints At ‘Flashpoint’ Adaptation

DC Comics may not take command when it comes to their films, but when it comes to their television shows, fans can’t get enough, and the Flash is no different. During a panel at PaleyFest, the Flash executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg, may have revealed a little more than intended. Deadline is reporting that when a fan asked about whether or not there were any plans to delve deeper into the DC Comics lore for source material of the show, some were shocked by the response.

“There’s a fairly big Flash storyline from the comics that were going to tackle in the future.”

Of course, Kreisberg’s tease about the possibility of what could easily be considered one of the biggest stories in recent DC Comics history, that’s all it really is: a tease. However, hopes are high across the Flash fanbase that Kreisberg is indeed referring to the five-issue miniseries that sought to shake readers up and give them something exciting.

Flashpoint was a success when it hit shelves in 2011, changing the entire DC Comics lineup and timeline. In the comics, Barry Allen’s mother is alive, resulting in his father not being framed for her murder, and the world is in a constant state of war as superpower factions battle against one another. Barry retains all of his memories along with two others; Kid Flash and Booster Gold and he has to go back in time to find a way to fix things and set them on a different course.

It may sound a little bit confusing, but that is the nature with many comic book stories. It does seem like a possibility though, as recently The CW announced that Reverse-Flash will appear in this weeks’ Flash episode titled “Out of Time.”

If the writers and production team do decide to go ahead with the Flashpoint storyline, it will be interesting to see how they modify it so that they don’t include the DC greats Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, as all three have important roles in the comics but are not allowed by Warner Bros. to be used in the shows.

Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti did get the chance to reveal another exciting piece of news about the show though, saying that they are planning to add two very important characters from the Flash comics into the storyline: Bart Allen or Wally West. Berlanti was optimistic, saying that if they were going to do something like that, it would most likely be seen in season 2.

[Image via The CW]