WWE: John Cena’s Heel Turn Demand Has Wrestler Saying He Understands Fans’ Desire

WWE: John Cena's Heel Turn Demand Has Wrestler Saying He Understands Fans' Desire

The possibility of John Cena’s heel turn keeps coming up despite the face of the WWE denying the idea over and over again. But recently the wrestler admitted the reason why he felt the need to get away from his heel persona.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, former WWE NXT star Chris Hero claims John Cena wanted to go heel in 2011, and Boston rap artist Esoteric confirms that Cena fought management backstage for bringing back his Doctor of Thuganomics battle rap persona.

Back during the WWE Attitude Era, John Cena used to don a basketball jersey, Reebok pump sneakers, and a chain link necklace with a padlock. While Cena may have loved playing the heel, he thinks the character was a bit too edgy considering the growing number of children watching from the crowds.

“I looked around and saw who was sitting in the audience and said, ‘You know what, I proactively need to change.’ And it was for the greater good,” he says. “It gives you a feeling of self-worth at the end of the day. It becomes more than just a job — you feel as if you’re affecting lives and that truly is pretty important.”

Of course, those fans wishing for John Cena’s heel turn are getting tired of the limitations of the PG era. Hulk Hogan even suggested Cena could pull it off without losing his fan base.

“If John Cena ever turned heel and really stole some of Hollywood Hogan’s tricks and backstabbing tactics, I think the people would cheer him out of the building. I think the fans would go crazy. I’m not talking about Thuganomics, I’m talking about being a stone cold, heartless, no good bad guy … I think Cena could pull it off.”

John Cena says he understands fans’ need to have him turn heel, but still stands by his desire to not offend the younger generation.

“I totally get it,” he says, according to USA Today. “I don’t necessarily spend my time watching programs that 6- to 10-year-old kids enjoy, so I get the need for different racy comedy and story lines. But at the same time I don’t want to offend anyone in our audience so I do what I do to the best of my ability, and I actually really enjoy being able to be a real-life superhero and an aspirational character both in live entertainment and animation films like Flintstones.”

Vince McMahon usually does what is best for the business first, and John Cena’s merchandise tops their charts with him as a face. Cena is also their top guy for Make-A-Wish and consistently wins over the younger demographic. So as things stand, it seems unlikely Cena will turn heel any time soon.