Fifty-Four-Year-Old Man Does 4,321 Pull-Ups In 24 Hours, Sets Record

A 54-year-old man from Corpus Christi, Texas, was able to set a new world record by completing one of the most difficult upper-body exercises: pull-ups.

However, Mark Jordan did not just complete a handful of successful push-ups. What makes his world record so impressive is the number of pull-ups that he was able to do successfully — 4,321.

If that number does not blow your mind, the fact that he was able to successfully complete all of them within a 24-hour period is even more impressive.

According to Sports Illustrated, Jordan accomplished this mind-blowing feat in November of last year. Jordan wanted to raise money for Hammons Education Leadership programs. The report claims that his official confirmation from Guinness World Records did not come through until last Wednesday, which is why he is making headlines nearly four months after completing the task.

[Image Credit: Sporting News]