WWE News: Roman Reigns Thinks Hardcore Wrestling Fans ‘Ruin It For Other People’

In two weeks time, Roman Reigns will face the toughest challenge of his professional wrestling career, when he steps into the ring with Brock Lesnar, and faces the most hardcore wrestling fans at WrestleMania. Most people are predicting that Reigns will be booed out of the stadium no matter what happens. But, it’s not anything that Reigns isn’t used to at this point, as he’s been facing negative and sometimes apathetic reactions from the WWE fans for the past two months.

Reigns did an interview with Digital Spy this past week, and talked about the reaction he’s been getting from the “hardcore wrestling fans.” Reigns took a very different approach than his predecessor, John Cena, has when talking about getting a negative reaction from the fans.

“It’s tough to say. The way I look at it is, yeah, I hope they’re having fun. Whatever chant you wanna start or whatever you’re doing out there, as long as you’re having a good time, as long as you’re taking advantage of the time that you have being at the show.

I do like to stress… a lot of these smarter fans, a lot of them are my age. They’re right in my age group, and I’m a father. I have a daughter who enjoys the show. So I try and think about that. Think about when you were a kid and think about when you were a young fan. Think about what’s going to make the show better, because we are a PG product. We are targeting families — little boys and girls — we’re trying to change lives, we’re trying to be role models. I think the WWE Universe has to remember that, as well. Our fans have to remember that y’all are very influential as well. Y’all are on TV too.

So remember — think about the kids, think about what kind of example you’re setting. Think about not only your experience, but everybody else’s. That’s just something I think about. But at the end of the day, the fans pay their hard-earned money, it’s their choice and only their choice to make.”

Before this past January’s Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns was cheered in every building. But now that WWE’s making it obvious that Reigns is the next John Cena, WWE fans have been rejecting him. WWE is counting on the fans at WrestleMania turning on Brock Lesnar because he may be leaving for the UFC after the event, and historically WWE fans have despised the wrestlers that have “turned their back on the fans” and “sold out.”

There’s a rumor out there that WWE has secretly reached an agreement with Lesnar, but they’re playing up the idea of Lesnar leaving so the fans will favor Reigns over Lesnar at WrestleMania. But whether Lesnar is staying or going, there’s no question that Roman Reigns will be the center of attention at WrestleMania, and his toughest task will be winning the fans over in the allotted time that he has to perform.

[Image via WWE]