Kylie Jenner’s Cleavage Achieved By Contouring?

Kylie Jenner is at the center of breast implant rumors once again. The 17-year-old reality star wore a black sheer t-shirt that showed off her matching bra and a whole lot of cleavage, as previously noted by the Inquisitr. Rumors are circulating that Kylie had breast implant surgery. Now sources close to the teen are saying that she uses contouring – along with a good push-up bra – to achieve the fuller-busted look.

One Twitter account explained how makeup contouring is used to achieve a fuller bust. That means Jenner would create various shadows and highlights on her chest area to create her infamous cleavage. Breast contouring typically requires the use of neutral and dark makeup to fill in the lack of a cleavage by creating a shadow. The account also provided a tutorials so other young girls can follow Jenner’s lead and create their own cleavage.


This isn’t the only plastic surgery rumor that’s been circulating around Kylie. She also has been slammed for getting lip injections to achieve the look of a fuller pout, according to Fashion & Style Magazine. Kylie’s makeup artist revealed that she achieves her iconic pout through another contouring technique in which she draws the outline of her lip. Sometime Kylie draws outside the natural line of her lip and then fills them in, which creates her signature larger pout.

Hollywood Life reported that Jenner went a little too far with her makeup, which led to a makeup malfunction. She obviously wore a lot of makeup at the NIP+FAB beauty brand event. The news site also pointed out that the breast contouring made it look like Jenner’s chest were two different colors.


Kylie’s eye-popping outfit raised concerns that she underwent breast augmentation surgery. Even two plastic surgeons told Hollywood Life that they believe she recently got breast implants. Kylie’s chest has been looking fuller for some time now, but maybe her new beauty secret is contouring.


The Inquisitr report also noted about the breast implant rumors following the young Jenner. Her sexed up sighting at the beauty brand event in London was not the first time these rumors popped up. Back in December, 2014, Jenner made headlines when she posted a sexy photo of herself in a motorcycle tank on Instagram. Her tank top showed a whole lot of cleavage then, causing her fans to speculate whether or not she had breast implant surgery.

Kylie put a stop to the rumors by saying that she did not go under the knife to achieve her cleavage. She said that the “Bombshell” Victoria’s Secret bra gives her the look of a fuller bust, not plastic surgery. This combined with contouring could give Kylie the fuller bust she desires to achieve.

What do you think? Do you think Kylie Jenner uses contouring and push-up bras to achieve a fuller bust, or do you think she had breast augmentation surgery?

[Image: Kylie Jenner via Instagram]