Alleged Girl Gang Viciously Attacks Middle Schooler In Florida [Video]

Middle School brawl in Homestead Florida

A 14-year-old girl was ganged up on by other girls outside a Florida middle school in a brawl that was captured on cell phone video.

Angelina Padron fought back against one attacker, and that’s when the other assailants joined into the melee.

“They punch, kick and at one point drag Padron by her hair into the street,” CBS News Miami reported. See the embedded video below. The original raw footage has since been pulled from YouTube.

Padron and her family reported the incident that occurred near the Homestead Middle School to Miami-Dade School Police. Both the victim and her attackers were subsequently suspended, although Padron’s suspension was later lifted.

“The principal actually suspended her, saying she participated. [According to the principal], she should’ve got on the ground and balled up in a ball. When she was on the ground they were kicking her in the head and stomping on her,” a Padron relative said.

As depicted in the video, things finally died down when a shirtless man stepped in and helped Padron up.

A school system representative indicated that “appropriate disciplinary action” was taken against the parties involved, the Miami Herald reported. School officials deny they promised the family that the girls would be expelled altogether, however.

Facebook messages left by at least one of the alleged attackers apparently suggests that those who assaulted Padron may be gang members and alluded to how they “were raised” to fight.

Padron’s family claim that they have been threatened and their property vandalized since the incident and the subsequent media coverage. Dissatisfied with how the school district handled the situation, Angelina and her mom are pressing charges against the suspects.

One of Angelina’s siblings who lives outside of Florida has launched a gofundme page to help the family raise money to relocate to a better neighborhood from where they currently reside and where they became targets by a neighorbood gang as soon as they moved in. The sister also suggests that the school principal stayed aloof from the ongoing bullying until the media started reporting on the incident.

Separately, a full-on teen brawl at a Brooklyn McDonald’s made national headlines after the video of the all-female altercation went viral.

[image via YouTube]