Skincare Tips For Travel

Caring for your skin may be nothing new, and from the latest in anti-aging touted by Kylie Jenner to snail slime, skincare can get confusing even for those who consider themselves “in the know” about all the latest and greatest products. In fact, one of the most important times people should be caring for their skin is when they travel as the skin is likely to experience conditions it isn’t used to. From stuffy airplane cabins to the hot Caribbean sun, it can he hard to keep up a skincare routine, or adapt one for while you are away.

Stay Hydrated

Flying can be harsh on both the body and skin so it is important to make sure you keep hydrated during your flight. Drink lots of water and cleanse your face with an exfoliating scrub before the flight. If you are concerned about wrinkles, follow up with a plumping serum before finishing with a moisturizer. This will help your skin look bright and lock in moisture. For an added refresher, bring along cleansing towelettes if you have a long flight, or consider a facial spray that conforms to TSA regulations for carry on products.

Research The Climate

If you are travelling somewhere hot, you will need a skincare routine that will keep you protected from the sun and hydrated. It is best not to use any products that contain retinol in the morning as the ingredient can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and therefore more susceptible to burning. Choose a moisturizer that has at least SPF 30 that you can bring with you to reapply as needed. For cold weather climates, make sure you pack an intense moisturizing cream and consider a repairing oil as well to give your skin some extra support.

Pamper Your Skin

Even if you are going on a vacation away from the stresses of daily life, traveling is still harsh on your skin. Take some time to pamper your skin when you arrive at your destination by using a soothing facial mask. It doesn’t take long to apply and you only need to leave masks on for about 15 minutes before washing them off and revealing more radiant skin. You can fit two weeks worth of facial masks in a tiny sample container, too, so there is always room for it in your luggage.

Forego the Makeup

This may be a hard one for some, but going makeup-free on planes will allow you to hydrate your skin when needed on long flights, and you won’t be left with mascara all over your cheeks if you fall asleep. If you can’t “bare” the thought of not wearing makeup, opt for a light mineral powder foundation that will sit lightly on your skin instead of a heavy liquid foundation that can actually be quite drying during air travel.

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