Vladimir Putin Dead Or Alive? Austrian Doctor Claims To Be Treating Sick Russian President

Reports claiming Vladimir Putin is dead have been all the rage in recent days, and there has been a flurry of rumors spreading around. There’s even some saying the Russian government has been overthrown in a silent coup. Regardless of wild theories, now it’s being claimed Putin is simply lying in bed doing whatever else does when they’re not feeling well: watching TV.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Vladimir Putin’s death has been denied multiple times, but officials in the Kremlin confirmed they were planning a “mystery” announcement soon. When reporters questioned these officials, they would not confirm nor deny whether or not Russia’s president was “incapacitated.”

Unfortunately, there have been multiple conflicting reports about Putin’s health condition. The Russian president has disappeared for lengths of time in the past, but the Kremlin rarely likes giving a straight answer on his exact location.

On Sunday, an Austrian newspaper called the Kurier reported that an unnamed orthopedic doctor had traveled to Moscow in order to treat Vladimir Putin’s back problems. The newspaper could not substantiate their rumor with furhter information or an official source, but it makes sense based upon Putin’s medical history. For example, the 62-year-old Russian president once went “missing” when he was suffering from a slipped spinal disc from a long-standing judo injury.

Citing anonymous sources, Vladimir Putin’s death was also denied by the Russian independent news channel TV Rain. They claim he simply has the flu and this Sunday evening he’ll be watching a documentary about the Kremlin annexation of Crimea. Supposedly, Putin has not seen the final cut of the TV program and it contains news interviews with Defense Minister Sergei Shoiguand. Putin is also supposedly resting in a rural residence located outside the Russian capital.

Back in Moscow, government officials have already announced that Putin’s next public appearance will occur on Monday, where he is due to host Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev in Saint Petersburg. Russian opposition leader Vladimir Milov probably wouldn’t mind seeing Vladimir Putin dead if only for the political advantages, but he wrote that the death rumors are very unlikely and told everyone to settle down.

“I’ll repeat again: everything is calm in Moscow, there is no information via any reliable sources of problem – don’t hurry to bury Putin, you will have to battle with him yet,” Milov wrote on Facebook on Sunday according to The Telegraph.

What do you think about the rumors of Vladimir Putin’s death?