Drunk Guy Tries To Ride Skateboard, Funny Footage Goes Viral

This drunk guy seriously wanted to ride his skateboard. Long story short, his attempt to do so just did not work out.

Even though the video description on World Star Hip-Hop claims that he tried to ride his skateboard home, the drunk guy apparently does not make it very far at all.

After just a few quick seconds, he ends up on the ground. However, his skateboard clearly decided to not stay with him after all.

There have been quite a few viral videos and video compilations involving skateboards that end with them being injured by the actual skateboard. That’s not how this particular video ended at all.

The guy’s skateboard basically went rogue – rolling out by itself into a street filled with oncoming traffic.

If the fact that this man is actually trying to ride a skateboard intoxicated doesn’t make you laugh, chances are that you will at least crack up when you see what happens to his skateboard.

The video footage of the drunk guy trying to ride his skateboard was posted on World Star Hip-Hop by Abdul on Sunday. As of right now, it has already been seen over 247,000 times.

Quite a few videos involving drunk people have gone viral in the past year – especially ones that were staged as social experiments to see how unsuspecting bystanders would respond.

Even though it’s not a social experiment, this now-viral video of a drunk guy trying to ride his skateboard is in good company.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]