WWE News: Randy Orton To Challenge Seth Rollins To A Match At ‘WrestleMania’ On ‘RAW’

Orton Rollins

It appears that Randy Orton beating down Seth Rollins on Monday’s RAW wasn’t enough, as “The Viper” announced on this past Thursday’s SmackDown during a sit-down interview with Michael Cole that he plans to challenge Rollins to a match at WrestleMania during tomorrow night’s RAW.

“I’m going to find Seth Rollins, I’m going to spit in his face, and I’m going to challenge him to a match at ‘WrestleMania.'”

The Orton vs. Rollins match has been expected for several months, however, nobody expected that Orton would get his revenge on Rollins before their match took place. Several people have been very critical of the way WWE has booked Orton since he returned to WWE last month, saying that WWE has done a great job at “cooling down the hottest babyface in the company.”

Tomorrow night’s RAW will be in Rollins’ home state of Iowa, so it’s likely that he’ll get a better reaction than Orton, but you never know. It’s also likely that some sort of stipulation will be added to the Orton vs. Rollins match, because going from Orton’s savage beat down of Rollins to just a straight one-on-one match doesn’t make much sense.

Nobody knows how long Orton will be a babyface, but it’s expected that his match with Rollins will be a one-and-done, as WWE plans to have Seth Rollins feud with the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion — Roman Reigns — after WrestleMania.

There have been rumors of a Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton feud if Lesnar decides to stay with WWE, but that program likely won’t take place until the summer. Orton vs. Lesnar was a match that WWE fans wanted to see this past October when Orton faced John Cena at Hell in a Cell, with the winner getting a shot at Lesnar. Even though WWE didn’t pull the trigger on it then, Orton vs. Lesnar is still a match that they’re interested in doing.

There’s also rumors that Randy Orton will play a role similar to the one Dean Ambrose played several months back, which is to ruin every single one of Seth Rollins’ cash-in opportunities and even cause him to lose after he cashes in his Money in the Bank contract.

Tomorrow night’s RAW will be built around the Orton vs. Rollins feud, as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar will not be appearing on the show.

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