Nip Slip: Watch Shocking Moment A Pair Of Naked Female Breasts Appear In A Nickelodeon Cartoon

Nickelodeon is currently under fire for airing an episode of the popular children’s cartoon Oggy and the Cockroaches with a framed picture of a half-naked woman with bare breasts in the background of a scene.

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French cartoon about a blue cat that lives with three roaches, and has aired on Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons since last month.

In the episode aired on March 5, one particular scene shows a picture of a topless woman, with breasts that are perversely large with protruding nipples, hanging on a wall before one of the show’s characters enters the room.

Observant Nickelodeon viewers saw the offending assets, and whilst the young audiences asked inquiring questions, some adults were rightfully furious at the boob slip.

One upset father told TMZ that his 8-year-old son spotted the pair of naked breasts on his favorite cartoon, and he was forced to have a talk with him about the female anatomy.

The Daily Mail reports that many viewers have since turned to social media platforms to express their indignation over the raunchy cartoon picture.

One user called the image “inappropriate,” while another wrote that they should “stop making the naked body so taboo,” expressing that though “it’s ok for women to breastfeed in public… a cartoon of boobs is horrible.”

One other viewer observed, “Cartoonists have been doing this c*** for ages especially Disney. Parents still take their kids to Disney cartoons. Other things to worry about people.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a Nickelodeon spokesperson has said in a statement that the network will no longer air the episode.

“The scene, which comes from an international acquisition, was unfortunately overlooked in the screening process,” the statement read. “We have pulled the episode from our air and online.”

This, in fact, is not the first time cartoon animators have been accused of slipping certain “subliminal” images into children’s programs. Some years ago, several parents complained that the word “sex” was spelt out with dust in a scene in The Lion King.