Cool case mod – but is it truly pyramid powered?

One of the really cool things about the whole PC market is the rich and vibrant modding scene that has built up around it. some are futuristic, some are just plain cool and others can be just down right strange and warped. From the steampunk scene to the gamers everyone has their favorite case mod which leads me to wonder if this little beauty would be a favorite of the UFO and New Age groups given the beliefs in the power and the history of pyramid.

This case mod is as you can tell based on the shape of a pyramid and is made from a customized Luxor Pyramid case, which itself was made from laser cut aluminum, and is a combination of black and silver aluminum. The base of the case measures out at 19 by 19 inches and stand 25 inches tall. Here’s some of the specs for this rather cool looking computer

CPU: Q6600 B3 OC @ 3.15 GHz (Max stable OC @ 3.4 GHz) – “water cooled”
RAM: G-Skills 4GB PC2-8000 OC @ 1066 MHz
GPU: 512 MB 8800GT Zotac AMP Editions (700 MHz Core/ 2000 Mhz Memory)
HDD: 500 GB Cavier WD 300 SATA
PSU: 500 Watts Rosewill
Cooling: Thermaltake Tide water plus w/ Swiftech apogee GT CPU block.

This could look really nice sitting between a nice set of widescreen 22″ monitors eh?

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[hat tip to SlipperyBrick and Geeky Gadgets / pictures courtesy of Geeky Gadgets]