Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Could Face Big Suspension For Nightclub Brawl

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Could Face Big Suspension For Nightclub Brawl

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to be facing some big discipline for Marshawn Lynch after the wayward running back was allegedly involved in a nightclub brawl.

The incident reportedly took place in San Francisco on Friday night, with a TMZ report claiming that Lynch snapped when a man referred to him as the “Seattle Sea Chicken.” A witness said that someone in Lynch’s crew snapped, sparking a brawl.

The alleged brawl is still under investigation, and it is not clear whether Lynch was an active participant or not.

The incident came just after Lynch got a big vote of confidence from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Though there were rumors last year that the Seahawks were planning on cutting Lynch, his role in bringing the team to the second straight Super Bowl changed their minds, and he signed a two-year extension for $24 million.

“We had an excellent meeting,” Carroll said after speaking with Lynch earlier this month. “Marshawn was in a great place, was really excited to get to us, and to make this commitment. Looking down the road he was really enthusiastic about this season, about our team, about moving forward, and I was really pleased with his outlook and excited to be able to make a deal really for everybody – our locker room of course loves the guy, the coaching staff does, and for our fans as well.”

Marshawn Lynch has been in trouble a number of other times in the last. In June 2008, he plead guilty to a hit and run charge after allegedly striking a woman at 3:30 a.m. in Buffalo’s bar district. Lynch struck a woman in the street and failed to stop, then when questioned, claimed he never saw the woman.

He was arrested again two years later, pulled over by the California Highway Patrol after driving erratically. He registered a 0.10 blood alcohol content.

If the latest rumor is true — and if it’s found that Marshawn Lynch played an active role in the brawl — then the Seattle Seahawks could be looking at a suspension for their star running back. Lynch was already in trouble a handful of times in the last year, with the league fining him for grabbing his crotch while celebrating a touchdown and reportedly threatening to kick him out of the Super Bowl if he went through with a promise to wear unsanctioned gold cleats.

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