Pamela Anderson Gets Restraining Order: Rick Salomon Calls Her ‘Serial Baby Killer’ And ‘Cutter’ [Video]

Pamela Anderson gets restraining order against Rick Salomon.

Pamela Anderson has gotten a restraining order against Rick Salomon. The celebrated Baywatch actress received the restraining order one month after she had filed for divorce, reported E News.

As her reason for requesting the temporary order, Anderson listed both abuse and harassment.

“[Salomon] engaged in repeated acts of harassment and abuse [resulting in] severe emotional distress,” stated Pamela.

Although it is temporary, an April 3 hearing will determine whether her restraining order can last for a longer period of time. Among the specifics are physical abuse, secretly photographing her, and assaulting her verbally.

Anderson also said that Salomon issued threats that he would release both those photos and her personal information specifically to embarrass her.

The declaration attached to that restraining order also reveals details of what happened after Pamela celebrated Rick’s six years of sobriety on January 15.

“Go upstairs, you ugly, dirty b*tch!” Salomon screamed at Pamela.

In addition, Anderson contended that when they were sleeping together, Rick attempted to smother her with a pillow.

“[He] tried to strangle [me],” Anderson alleged.

She also said that he calls her rude names specifically chosen to make her feel humiliated.

In the court documents, Pamela expressed her fear of what Salomon might do to her, reported People. Anderson emphasized that he had increasingly retaliated against her since she filed for divorce.

“[I am] scared of what he is capable of doing to me,” revealed Anderson. “[He] has become erratic, out of control and has caused me to fear for my safety.”

Pamela quoted emails sent by Salomon. He claimed that she had committed fraud for consuming fish.

“I hate the smell of fish,” Rick complained. “It makes me want to vomit.”

But he also accused her of varying charges.

“[Pamela is a] cutter [and] serial baby killer with her husbands,” claimed Salomon.

Their road to romance quickly became rocky. Anderson and Salomon married in 2007, followed by an annulment after only two months. They then married in 2014, but Anderson filed for divorce six months later. She then requested that the filing be dismissed. Her latest divorce filing is still in effect.

As the Inquisitr reported, Pamela chose to take her son Brandon as her date to a red carpet event recently. Brandon is 18-years-old, and his father is Tommy Lee.

Anderson also revealed that she suffered during childhood from sexual abuse. But she’s determined to raise her children to respect women.

“I want them to respect women. I say even if it’s just for mom. I haven’t given them too many shining examples in our personal life. I still struggle with self worth and trying to fix people. I’m surrounded by broken toys.”

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