These Guilty Pets Caught In The Act Will Surely Crack You Up

Our beloved pets have always been curious and given the first opportunity, will surely try and explore. These images of guilty pets, who have been caught red-handed, know very well that whatever they are doing, is wrong.

I Am Merely Making The TP More Manageable

We love our pets, but we set certain boundaries for them.

What's For Dinner?

These are basic rules which may include no entry in the kitchen, no climbing on the bed, no opening cupboards, and taking out stuff, etc.

Impossible To Deny... Act Cute Instead

However, these animals are instinctively inquisitive and have a strong urge to sniff around.

I Am Just Err... Petting The Fish

We as owners, may try and teach our pets that certain things aren’t supposed to be touched or handled.

Helping You Get A Jumpstart On The Festivities

However, the pet might not understand. If the pet does understand that a particular place or thing is a no-no, it might entice it to try and explore it in the absence of the owner.

Was Just Tidying Up The Net

This is where the fun begins. The pet has to time its criminal activities perfectly to ensure it can get away with the act. Moreover, some clever pets may also try to pass on the blame to either a kid or another pet in the house.

Just Playing 'Fireman'... Nothing Kinky

Handling a troublesome pet can be a difficult and frustrating thing, especially because aggression or punishment is usually not the best solution.

Can't A Cat Have Some Privacy?

Pets have to be explained gently that whatever they have done is wrong.

Was Just Putting Some Stuff Back... Not Stealing

Pets need to understand that they should not venture into the regions that have been prohibited to them.

This Is Not What It Looks Like

At the same time, pets need to be rewarded for their good behavior. Pet owners need to ensure that the reward is connected to their good behavior.

What? The Coffee Did Taste Funny This Morning, Didn't It?

Despite all the best intentions and methods it is important to keep in mind that it is an animal you are dealing with.

The Door Was Already Open... Swear

While dogs may be trained, cats stick steadfastly to their animalistic and primal behavior.

Stop Clicking Photos And Help Me Down.. Will Ya?

If all the tricks fail, owners should not give up on the pet, but instead start taking due precautions like locking up the stuff that you’re pet isn’t allowed access to.

What? You Color Your Face And Feet All The Time

Locking the fridge and the cupboards too, could slowly dissuade your animal friend from trying to open them.

[Image Credit | The Dodo, Lockerdome]