Will Chris Soules’ Relationship Survive ‘DWTS’ And Cheating Rumors?

Chris Soules is returning to TV this week after a very short absence. You’d think that competing on Dancing with the Stars would be fun after what he just went through, but his time on DWTS might be even more brutal than his experience on The Bachelor.

Soules handed out his final rose just days ago, but there are already rumors that he’s cheating on his choice. The most obvious target for these tabloid rumors would seemingly be Chris’ Dancing with the Stars partner, Witney Carson — she’s a cute blonde just like Whitney Bischoff, and she and Prince Farming have been spending a lot of time together lately. However, the dancer’s name hasn’t appeared in the latest tawdry tales of post-Bachelor drama. Instead, Celeb Dirty Laundry is claiming that Chris is cheating on Whitney with his ex-fiancée, Sheena Schreck. An unnamed source claimed that Chris and Whitney’s relationship is “basically a business arrangement at this point.”

According to the Stir, the print edition of Life & Style also features a story about Chris Soules cheating on his supposed soul mate. The mag claims that he slept with Whitney Bischoff’s best friend.

There’s a high likelihood that neither of these stories are true, but Bachelor host Chris Harrison fears that tabloid rumors could drive Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff apart while Soules is competing on Dancing with the Stars. During a recent interview with TV Guide, Harrison revealed that he warned the couple that the show will test them.

“I talked to him about the tabloids and that you have to ignore all that, which is the hardest thing to do… Be open and honest with each other, and that’s all you need to listen to… It’ll be tougher because he’ll be on Dancing and will have to do press, but I think Whitney is a mature, strong woman and if anyone can handle it, she will.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, former Bachelor Sean Lowe also warned Chris Soules that those lengthy DWTS rehearsals can really take a toll on a relationship. Sean is the only Bachelor who married his pick from the reality show, so the odds are not in Chris’ favor. He’s going to have to work hard to get his choice to the altar.

Whitney Bischoff isn’t the only woman Chris Soules will have to woo during the coming weeks — he also needs to impress Dancing with the Stars‘ many female fans. Chris Harrison has seen the somewhat awkward small-town boy rehearsing for his first performance, and The Bachelor host didn’t exactly pay Soules the best compliment by saying that “he may not suck so bad.” Because Soules isn’t a naturally-talented dancer like Witney Carson’s last partner, Season 19 winner Alfonso Ribeiro, he’s going to have to rely more on gimmicks, creativity, and his personality. You can see Chris rehearsing with Witney and awkwardly standing beside a tractor in the video below.

According to Broadway World, Soules and Carson have something really cool cooked up for the DWTS season premiere — they’ll be dancing the jive to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose.” Maybe they’ll mix things up by turning Carson into a female version of Kevin Bacon’s city boy character from the Footloose movie. Soules can play Ren’s pal Willard, the redneck with two left feet. How cute would that be?

Dancing with the Stars premieres Monday, March 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Do you think Chris Soules will go far on the show, and do you think he and Whitney Bischoff will still be together by the time it’s over?

[Image credit: ABC]