Nick Cannon Adds To Massive Coverup Tattoo, Slaps Mariah Carey With Lawsuit

If you were expecting the split between Nick Cannon and diva songstress Mariah Carey to be amicable, think again.

TMZ reports that Cannon spent a whopping 10 hours in a Costa Mesa, California, tattoo parlor getting his massive cover up tattoo expanded. The tattoo now goes from the nape of Cannon’s neck to his lower back and features a dove, a crucifixion scene, and two cherubs which, according to reports, are meant to represent twins with Mariah Carey, Monroe and Morroco. Photographs of the tattoo process will reportedly be featured in an upcoming issue of Urban Ink Magazine.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cannon’s first pass at the cover up of his “Mariah” tattoo occurred sometime in early November.

So what happened to turn Nick Cannon’s previously amicable divorce decidedly and publicly acrimonious? There could be a clue in a lawsuit recently filed by Nick Cannon.

According to reports from TMZ, Cannon alleges that he was never consulted about the recent sale of the Bel-Air estate the couple shared during their marriage. Because Cannon never authorized the sale of the estate, he claims he’s not sure how much of the $9 million the new owners paid for the house is destined for his bank account. Now Cannon wants the money frozen until a formal agreement on how to divide the money is worked out.

Just don’t expect either Nick Cannon or Mariah Carey to speak publicly about their divorce or their marriage. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cannon and Carey drew up a series of contracts before their 2008 marriage, the details of which have begun to leak in the wake of their divorce. It seems that Carey and Cannon’s prenuptial agreement included a confidentiality clause. If either party violates the clause, they face hefty fines. If Nick Cannon were to lose his temper and drop a juicy tidbit during an interview, Carey’s lawyers could slap him with a $250,000 fine. On the other hand, if Carey were to spill the beans, Cannon’s lawyers could slap her with a $500,000 fine.

The discrepancy in the price tag for loose lips likely stems from the difference in Cannon and Carey’s respective net worth when they were married. Reportedly, Carey was worth an estimated $150 million while Nick Cannon was worth a comparatively meager $500,000. Although Carey could easily afford to bad mouth Cannon if she really wanted to, a slip up by Cannon could have had dire financial consequences.

However, today Nick Cannon is worth an estimated $20 million. So while Cannon isn’t likely to speak up anytime soon, he may one day open up about his marriage to Mariah Carey, and it’s no doubt fiery demise.