Lil Wayne Blows Up, Cancels St. Louis Show — Is Cash Money Unraveling Him?

It really sucks to be Lil Wayne these days, and you only need to take a brief look at the headlines about him over the past week to see that something is very wrong. Could it be that all of the stress in Lil Wayne’s life is causing him to snap? Unfortunately, all of the events of the past week have led up to Lil Wayne canceling one to two shows on his small tour.

Lil Wayne had a long list of harassment over the first two weeks of March that was detailed by TMZ. For example, at Lil Wayne’s home in Miami Beach, an unsolicited prostitute tried to demand Lil Wayne hire her, his home was stormed by police when someone said they had shot four people at his house, and he also had a lurker that police had to investigate. Furthermore, someone has been prank calling Lil Wayne.

Adding to this, VH1 reports that Lil Wayne is still threshing out the Birdman and Cash Money drama. Granted, it is a really big deal, and Lil Wayne is right to get stressed out about his career’s future. But with all the other annoying stuff mixed in, it appears that Lil Wayne started to show signs that he had just had enough.

In any case, is it the harassment at his home in Miami Beach that is the problem, or is it the issues with Birdman and Cash Money? It could be a combination of them both, but Lil Wayne got particularly stressed out when he was set to do a diss on Cash Money that did not work out.

When Lil Wayne performed at the Coliseum near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on March 12, he lost his cool. TMZ reports that the anger Lil Wayne expressed was because “Wayne went nuclear at a college concert this week after DJ 4our 5ive played the wrong version of ‘I’m in Love with the Coco.’ 4our 5ive played the version with O.T. Genasis… he was supposed to play the track and Wayne would then sing his version, trashing Cash Money.”

Lil Wayne immediately apologized to DJ 4our 5ive about walking out on the show. However, Lil Wayne had no immediate rescheduling dates for the show he walked out on. Although Lil Wayne was severely disappointed in DJ 4our 5ive, he is giving him another chance at the upcoming SXSW show on March 21.

As if this level of drama was not enough, the stress cycle is not over for Lil Wayne just yet. Lil Wayne announced around the end of February that he would schedule a show in St. Louis for March 14.

Only hours before the performance, STL Today reported that the show would be canceled and said, “Sorry For the Wait 2 Live/314 Day Celebration tonight at the Complex (formerly Coliseum Music Lounge) has been called off.”

What was the reason Lil Wayne bailed on St. Louis just hours before the show — and less than 48 hours after he lost his cool at the Florida show?

According to STL Today, the promoter, LooseCannon S.L.I.M., stated on his Instagram account that, “Due to emergency circumstances out of our control Lil Wayne will not be attending tonight…. The confirmed makeup date is Sunday, May 31st and we promise we have something planned for the entire family as well as the makeup show!!! Stay tuned!!”

“Sorry for the wait” indeed! So far, there are no clues about this alleged emergency, but considering the kind of hellish week that he recently had, could it be that Lil Wayne’s life is so stressful that he canceled the show just to get a break? At least Lil Wayne gave St. Louis a warning. Although he had loose plans to show up in Kansas City on March 13, news reports do not indicate that the alleged show with Lil Wayne took place.

Hopefully, the next week will give Lil Wayne a chance to freshen up before his next shows. Since the St. Louis show was canceled, Lil Wayne has been posting skateboarding videos to his Twitter account — so maybe he is finally relaxing. Lil Wayne’s next scheduled appearance is March 20 in Tallahassee, Florida and at SXSW on March 21.

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