Nicki Minaj, Jay Z Tied To Sweden At The Same Time: Coincidence?

Nicki Minaj fans who are always looking for a conspiracy should pay attention to this. Nicki Minaj is constantly in the press for details concerning her career, what she is wearing, and who she is releasing a single with. Plus, now there are rumors that Nicki Minaj might be pregnant because the suckers she was eating resembled anti-nausea pops — the type associated with expectant mothers.

On top of that, Nicki Minaj has also been rumored to date Meek Mill due to his constant appearance in her Instagram account, according to VH1. Is he the father of Nick Minaj’s baby?

Adding to the intrigue behind Nicki Minaj, there is some newly emerging info about her that might get overlooked at first. Hidden in the back pages of the internet, the Swedish newspaper Expressen announced on March 14 that Nicki Minaj was officially in Sweden.

Hey, wait a minute — someone else Nicki Minaj knows is in or around or associated with Sweden at the moment too: Jay Z. Is this just a coincidence?

What is Nicki Minaj doing in Sweden? On her Instagram, Nicki Minaj says, “I’ll give u all I have & nothing less, I promise. Love me & don’t look back, I want u w/me. On this road to the sky, we’ll be shining every night. I promise u. Just me & u. I promise u.”

Who is Nicki Minaj directing that caption at? Is it intended for someone that might be in Sweden too — like Jay Z?

Jay Z recently purchased the Swedish streaming music company, Aspiro. Reuters stated that the deal was officially announced on March 13 after the deal was sealed between Jay Z and Aspiro on Wednesday. So how is Nicki Minaj involved?

As it turns out, there were multiple reports by news agencies like ShowBiz 411 that say Jay Z invited top-name musicians like Nicki Minaj to get in on this deal with Aspiro. These talks took place a couple of months ago, and it was presented by Jay Z to Nicki Minaj as a type of investment opportunity.

Is this why Nicki Minaj is in Sweden? Did Nicki Minaj go there specifically to shake hands over at Aspiro and possibly meet up with Jay Z?

Instead, the Swedish press noted that Nicki Minaj was in Stockholm a couple of days before her concert on March 16. The show will begin Nicki Minaj’s 21-city Pink Print tour.

For now, nothing has been published that shows Nicki Minaj decided to go in on Jay Z’s Aspiro deal. Also, it appears that Jay Z is not in Sweden to meet Nicki Minaj or the Apsiro team at the moment at all — or is he? After all, E! Online reports that in September, Nicki Minaj did a surprise appearance when Beyonce and Jay Z did a show in Paris. Could he be right around the corner and eager to return the favor? We will know if we see any pictures of him on stage with Nicki Minaj next week.

Regardless, Nicki Minaj fans should be bracing themselves for something to happen while she is in Sweden. When Nicki Minaj announced the Stockholm show date in December, she told Expressen, “It was way too long since I met my European fans. I can not wait till I get to come back and party with all of you. We have a bunch of surprises in store, and I promise you that this will be my biggest and best tour so far.”

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