Double Chin Cure Coming Soon: FDA Unanimously Approves Injection To Eliminate Double Chin

Heather Tooley

A double chin cure is coming soon now that the Food and Drug Administration has unanimously approved a kind of miracle drug. According to ABC News, an injectable substance eliminates fat under the chin. Florida dermatologist Dr. Susan Weinkle has been working with the drug since 2007 in medical trials. She shares that ATX-101 will help people dramatically reduce their double chin.

"Options at the moment for submental fat [double chins] are [to] cut it out or suck it out," says Dr. Weinkle. "However, this is going to be a noninvasive in-the-office procedure that can be performed by your dermatologist and excellent results."

Although the drug was approved by the FDA, it's awaiting final approval from the agency, ABC News reports. It's being described by its manufacturer, KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, as a type of deoxycholic acid, "a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat."

What happens is the injectable drug "disrupts the fat cell" and it permanently vanishes. The membranes are sent back into the "normal metabolic pathways," Dr. Derek Jones says, the doctor presenting to the double chin treatment to the FDA on Monday.

Dots are drawn on the problem areas of the chin and 0.2 cubic centimeters are injected in each dot. Dr. Weinkle marks where she sees the maximum fat area is.

The ATX-101 injections take about five minutes with ice applied to the target area prior to the procedure. Recovery time is about two or three days and no bandages are required.

Nineteen clinical studies have been conducted with the ATX-101 injection to eliminate double chins. Over 2,600 patients have received the proposed double chin cure.

The dermatology professor at Manhattan's Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, weighs in on this latest development. Although he wasn't involved in the drug's advancement, he says not every candidate is right for injections that eliminate the double chin. He says the option is great for "appropriate candidates," but those with excess skin under the chin won't be suitable for this procedure because it's not a fat problem.

Side effects include some swelling, bruising, and numbness. It takes one injection every four weeks up to six months before the "desired" result is reached. As of now, insurance won't cover the injections. If patients want to lose fat in other areas of the body, doctors in the research of ATX-101 say it would take considerably more product to use and liposuction is still the best option for that.

No set price for this new medical breakthrough is given, but Yahoo! News reports that this double chin cure can cost upwards of $2,000 depending on the severity of affected areas.

[Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia]