Lady Gaga Singled Out As ‘Pretty Ugly’ By Australian Newspaper?

Lately, the spotlight has been on Lady Gaga concerning her engagement to Taylor Kinney. Fans are hungry for the details about her dress, the place of the ceremony, and just about anything related to their betrothed and beloved Lady Gaga.

While Lady Gaga’s wedding is naturally going to dominate the media, the piece of news that might fly under the radar of a true Lady Gaga fan is a bit published about her in an Australian newspaper that seems to come across as a little slighted toward her looks.

What does Lady Gaga think about judging people by how they look? Lady Gaga obviously has put some thought into the concept of looking good versus — well — looking something different. The evidence is in the new “ugly/pretty” set of photography that Lady Gaga is doing with Kylie Jenner and Gigi Haddid. The Daily Mail covered Lady Gaga’s announcement in early March that she would be using this concept for the sixth issue of the CR Fashion Book.

About the specific concept that Lady Gaga decided to use for the photo shoot, Daily Mail quotes Tom Pecheux, a makeup artist, who defines it as “jolie laide” — or “pretty ugly” in French. About Lady Gaga and the concept of being “pretty ugly,” Pecheux said, “Like we say in France, beauty fades and charm grow. Ugliness is the definition of charm. When a girl is beautiful, often age and time wear away at that beauty. Whereas when she is interesting or different, the charm grows, her looks evolve, and she wears her looks with confidence.”

What do other people say about the way Lady Gaga looks? Do fans think Lady Gaga exemplifies the French concept of being charming by fully embracing the fashion philosophy of “pretty/ugly?” By and large, everyone agrees that Lady Gaga’s fashion choices are over the top. And although there are just a few references to how pretty Lady Gaga’s face is, there are plenty of compliments for her “hot yoga body.”

The one exception is an article published about how diversity is the latest theme in the fashion world. The article said that several top fashion models had unique physical traits that might have been shunned in the past but are now the top fashion accessory to have in 2015. In the list, one person stands out — Lady Gaga.

The article never once said that Lady Gaga was pretty or ugly. They also did not specifically state why exactly Lady Gaga was chosen for the list. Other examples in the article where Lady Gaga was included detailed models that were 80 years old, wore a size 24, or had a skin condition that lightens your skin in noticeable patches.

How did Lady Gaga manage to fit in with people in the fashion world that had noticeable physical differences? The Daily Telegraph Australia makes their somewhat pretty/ugly argument with the following statement, “When it comes to showgirls, the difference between Gaga and, say, Madonna, is that Lady Gaga is always ‘on’.”

They went on to say that diversity is Lady Gaga’s best fashion accessory because, “In an era where the natural look is celebrated, Gaga’s look is a deliberate construction, constantly reinvented almost in spite of the trends. She walks to the beat of her own drum and was born this way; she is the show.”

[Image from David Becker/Getty Images]