Taylor Swift Cat Scratch Photo: Singer Shares Image Of Large Cat Scratch On Her $40M Leg

Taylor Swift has a cat scratch on one of her legs that isn’t exactly what you’d call small. The 25-year-old singer was petting her kitty and she dug one of her claws into her left leg.

New York Daily News reports that on Saturday, Taylor uploaded a photo of the scratch on her leg — and another one of her posing with her cat, Meredith.

Taylor’s legs are insured for $40 million, which makes the minor injury an even bigger deal. Swift joked on Twitter about her cat posing a danger to her expensive legs. She writes in the caption: “Great work Meredith I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars.”

The singer has two cats — Meredith and Olivia. This is nothing too unusual for the superstar who likes to give her felines attention. Cats can be particular at times when they’re either playing or relishing any loving attention they’re given. Scratches are usually part of the territory, whether they’re intentional or not.

At Christmas, Taylor Swift’s mother purchased her cat carriers, which the “Shake It Off” singer posted on Instagram with the caption: “Not that giving Christmas presents is a competition, but this year, my mom won.”

As for that exorbitant insurance amount for the singer’s legs, a source allegedly told a tabloid: “It seems like a ludicrous sum, but if something was to happen to her legs, Taylor wouldn’t be able to give her signature stage performances. Her $200 million career would be in big trouble.”

In December, ET Online wrote a little more about Taylor’s cats. Meredith Grey is named after the character on Grey’s Anatomy. The other famous kitty’s full name is Olivia Benson — named after the character on Law & Order: SVU.

Swift loves sharing the spotlight with her two cats. Buzzfeed has an article called 22 Things Taylor Swift’s Cats Are Thinking. The two girls are like all other cats in that they’re very independent and like things their way. Both are sweet-faced felines with large eyes. Swift has taken plenty of photos for her fans to see on Instagram and Twitter. Both literally live the lap of luxury.

To see more photos of Taylor’s cats, click here.

Despite Taylor Swift’s cat scratch on her leg, it’s safe to assume Meredith isn’t in too much trouble. All the same, she probably could care less and has just gone about her day.

[Images via @TaylorSwift13 Twitter/@TaylorSwift Instagram]