Texas Woman Sexually Assaulted By Man She Met Through An Online Dating Site, Experts Say Use Best Judgment Before Meet And Greet

A Texas man is behind bars after he sexually assaulted a woman he met through an online dating site.

According to Valley Central, Omotayo Oyegbami was browsing through an online dating site where he met a woman whose name has not been released to the public. The two decided to meet and greet after several days of interacting via social dating site.

The pair met at a motel in Texas, where the woman accused Oyegbami of sexually assaulting her.

He was immediately taken into custody.

Lt. Oscar Trevino from the Edinburg Police Department spoke to Action 4 News about the online dating incident and stated as follows.

“The suspect traveled from the city of Houston to come down to meet the victim. Somehow or another, they ended up in a motel and she was sexually assaulted.”

“The victim and the defendant came to be through an internet site. They had only known each other for several days.”

He continued as follows.

“It just becomes one of those situations where there are predators out there. People need to understand there are predators.”

“For those planning to go on a date with someone they met online, be sure to meet in a public place.”

“Take a friend with you and always let someone know where you’re going and what time you plan to return.”

Celest Garza, a bartender at a local bar, spoke with reporters about online dating and said that “It’s scary because you don’t know who you are going to meet, but it is the new thing.”

Garza is a user of online dating sites and stated that they are “convenient.” However, she is cautious about where she meets potential partners.

She continued as follows.

“I have them come to my bar first, that way I’m around people who I know. I know I’m safe and if we hit if off then we can go out on a dinner date or something like that.”

Experts say that although online dating is safe, it is important to meet in a public place where there are people to help if things go awry. One should also get to know the person beforehand.

Most importantly, you should use your “best judgment” before meeting and greeting.

Oyegbami appeared in court on Friday for sexually assaulted a woman he met through an online dating site, but no further information has been reported. The woman’s condition has also not been reported.

[Image courtesy of Don Hankins/Flickr]