Who Killed Edith Sax? Police Say Texas Nurse Found Face Down In Swimming Pool With Scrubs Still On Was No Accident, And $30k Reward Is Offered For More Information About Her Death

Edith Sax, nurse found dead in swimming pool

After a thorough investigation on the 2014 drowning death of a Texas nurse who was found face down in her swimming pool, police officials determine that it was no accident and are offering a $30,000 reward to whoever has more information about the case.

According to KHOU, 50-year-old Edith Sax was discovered dead in her backyard, floating face down in her swimming pool on April 25. At the time, police officials ruled it an accidental death, but Sax’s family reassured authorities that she was an avid swimmer and believed that her death was no accident.

Houston Police Officer Vashawnda McLean stated that “Edith Sax was an avid swimmer and could not have drowned in 5 feet of water” and believed that “someone went through great lengths to stage an accidental drowning.”

Once police investigated further, they uncovered that Sax’s death was a homicide, but was staged as an accident.

“Edith Sax sustained some injuries in this incident that would be suggestive of her being forced under the water,” McLean stated.

Sources say that during the time of Sax’s death, two unidentified men were seen around her home. They believe that whoever murdered the Texas nurse may have known of her routine in order to have staged the drowning death.

Sax’s eldest daughter, Natasha Nazareen, was deeply saddened by the loss of her mother and wants justice. She stated as follows.

“She didn’t deserve this. We didn’t deserve this as a family. We’re lost. We are seeking justice for our mother.”

Sax was not only a nurse, but a wife and mother to seven children. She was also a step-mother and a grandmother.

Dr. Sax, Edith’s husband, spoke about how hard it has been without his wife. He stated as follows.

“It is hard. It is extraordinarily hard, but it is not 1/10th as hard as getting up in the morning and not having Edie there. And now I sleep at an angle so I sleep on her side of the bed as, as well.”

Although there is no proof, police officials believe that money may have been the motivation behind Sax’s death. “There was a multi-million dollar will left,” Dillingham stated.

The husband is usually the number one suspect during a case like this, but according to detective Myron Dillingham, “Dr. Sax has been cleared as a suspect 100-percent.”

A $30,000 award is being offered to anyone who has information regarding the drowning death of Texas nurse, Edith Sax. Her daughter, Natasha Rafiq, pleads and says, “Please help us to have a little bit of peace.”

[Image courtesy of Vegard Iglebaek/Flickr]