UFC ‘Cutting Weight For Weigh-In’ Episode Brings Weight-Loss Tips: Hot Tubs And Sauna Suits [Video]

UFC weigh in

The video titled “UFC 185 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6” on the YouTube channel of the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship is going viral. Uploaded to YouTube on March 14, within a short period of time — around 19 hours — the video showcasing UFC champions had already quickly gained more than 136,000 views on YouTube and more than a 1,000 thumbs up.

According to Google Hot Trends, the term UFC received more than 50,000 searches from Googlers wanting to know more about the “UFC 185 Embedded,” which covers the day the athletes weigh in and use all sorts of tricks to lose weight and make their weight goals. In the video, UFC fighters can be seen lounging around in a bubbling hot tub, one of the many tips given in the video by the tattooed men as they discuss sneaking a hit to an opponent while the opponent is focusing on hitting them in another area of their body or face.

Anthony Pettis, a UFC lightweight champion, appears in the video, laying around the hot tub at 8:17 a.m. Pettis states that he woke up three pounds over his intended weight, so he claims it’s pretty much a spa day for him the entire day in his attempts to make his weight. Flanked by people walking around with “Team Pettis” shirts in the hotel lobby, other fans speak of their love for Pettis, whilst a UFC competitor walks by.

“I sit in the hot tub for an hour, make it easy as possible. Weight comes off quick. I’m ready to fight.”

Other UFC champions hint that it’s not just the hot tubs and sauna suits helping to take off the weight quickly, but restricted diets as well. One should use caution when attempting to duplicate any of these UFC rapid weight loss methods, which could be dangerous.

“I feel bad for them boys, no eating,” says Cowboy.

Either way, the preview episode #6 of “UFC 185 Embedded” shows snippets of what the athletes endure just to take off the last few pounds and hit the scale nice and sinewy and light. When the sports folks finally hit the scale during the boisterous weigh-in event, some look very thin.

With video footage of UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, the new preview video also displays welterweights like Johny Hendricks and Matt Brown — as well as some of the UFC family members to give it a more personal side. Joanna Jedrzejczyk is another UFC athlete shown speaking about losing those final pounds. The “UFC Embedded” video whets folks appetites for the PPV UFC 185, on Saturday, March 14. As reported by the Inquisitr, CM Punk thinks his UFC debut, along with the return of Brock Lesnar would break PPV records.

[Image via UFC]