Kim Kardashian Fools Fans With Brunette Roots — Her Platinum Blonde Hair Is Actually A Wig?

Kim Kardashian shocked the world when she went platinum blonde last week at Paris Fashion Week. She also tried to fool fans by having her brunette roots show through this week. Radar Online was the first to report that the reality star’s blonde hair is actually a wig. An insider close to Kim’s alleged Glam Squad spoke to the news site about her platinum blonde hair makeover.

“The first top quarter of her hair in the front is bleached, but the rest isn’t. It’s bleached on the top and sides – and the rest is a wig.

“It’s parted perfectly and at different lengths and you always see the front of her head so it looks like it’s all normal, but it’s trickery. The rest of her hair is still brown. Just watch, you’ll see her go back to brunette like it’s no problem at all complete with healthy, shiny hair. That’s because it’s fake. It’s definitely not all bleached.

“It’s a trick when talent doesn’t want to ruin their whole head of hair. It’s all an illusion, like her life. She wanted to figure out a way to get a lot of attention in Paris. She’s always trying to steal the spotlight.”

Kim’s supposedly worried about her new hair color. She hopes that she can go back to her signature dark brown hair again soon.

“The front part is breaking and she’s worried that it will look bad in the front and her hair will look normal in back. She didn’t think it would be a problem to go back to brunette quickly. But now her plan is screwed.”

Matrix celebrity stylist George Papnikolas doesn’t believe the report. He told Hollywood Life that he believes Kardashian’s platinum blonde hair is all her own. He also shared some tips on how you can instill the color of your own blonde hair.

“That’s definitely Kim’s real hair. To get the look, you have to bleach all the hair to very, very pale blonde and use a pastel toner, such as Matrix Color Sync Pastel Toner to eliminate the yellow tones. The look is very extreme and can be harsh on the hair so using products that keep hair soft and moisturized are crucial. Condition weekly with a mask such as Matrix Biolage HYDRASOURCE Mask and be sure to use Matrix Oil Wonders Shaping Oil Cream to keep the hair soft when styling.”

It’s unclear why Kardashian would only dye only the top of her hair. Some would say that she must look silly when she removes her wig at the end of the day. Other fans are wondering if Kardashian dyed some of her hair to please her husband Kanye West, who reportedly prefers her as a blonde.

It’s no secret that the 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been showing off her new look in Paris. She even took selfies from the hair colorist’s chair and went blonder after spending three hours inside a salon.

Cambio said that Kim’s platinum blonde hair wasn’t cheap. Her hair color cost $500, which doesn’t even include the touch-up in Paris. Kim reportedly joked to her colorist: “Don’t make me fly out to Paris every time I need to color my hair.”

Kardashian tried to fool fans when she was spotted at LAX on Thursday with her 21-month-old daughter, North West. Her platinum blonde hair looked worse for wear as her brunette roots were already showing through, according to the Daily Mail. The news site reported that it’s been a week since Kardashian debuted her new hair color or has gotten another dye job. She looked chic and comfy in her all black ensemble which included a coat with fur trim, a mock neck shirt and leggings.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t intend on keeping her platinum blonde hair for long. She previously revealed to Us Weekly that her hair color is just a phase that she’s going through. “Dark hair is my natural color. Being brunette is who I am.”

Do you think Kim Kardashian should dye her hair back to brunette and take better care of it from now on?

[Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]