Method Man Hater Bill O’Reilly Thinks Media Won’t Worship Hillary Clinton Like Barack Obama

Bill O’Reilly hasn’t had it easy these past couple of weeks. He has been roundly accused of lying about his past as a reporter, though it’s not sure which of his critics are correct or just being sensationalist. And speaking of having it hard, Bill O’Reilly thinks that Hillary Clinton will have it a lot harder than Barack Obama. Real Clear Politics has posted a video with O’Reilly speaking about Hillary Clinton.

“It is true that Mrs. Clinton has at times been treated unfairly. But overall she has been the beneficiary of soft treatment by the media. However, that’s beginning to change. The e-mail situation has embarrassed the press which largely supported her in the past. So it’s safe to assume that Mrs. Clinton will not get the same treatment as Barack Obama whom the press continues to idolize. Therefore, her road to the White House will be more difficult.”

Bill O’Reilly has been on the Hillary Clinton emails like a dog on a bone. A couple of nights earlier, O’Reilly suggested how Clinton should handle the emails, as shown by transcripts on his website.

“She should request that the FBI examine her server, with the assurance that all private deleted emails would remain private. If the feds do not look at her server, then any public official could do the same thing — claim private correspondence without scrutiny. At this point, it would be grossly unfair to accuse Hillary Clinton of anything other than bad judgment.”

Bill O’Reilly was then joined by Fox Anchor Brett Baier, who said that the fact that the email server will remain private will definitely cause political damage. Both Bill O’Reilly and Brett Baier don’t think Hillary asking people to just trust her will help.

Bill O’Reilly has been a frequent critic of Hillary Clinton, criticizing almost every single move she has made. He was especially critical during the Benghazi scandal. According to a 2014 article from People’s Pundit Daily, Bill O’Reilly accused the whole Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, of a massive cover-up regarding the situation. He thought it was hypocritical that Democrats were accusing Republicans of playing politics with the situation when he thought the reverse was more true.

You can expect Bill O’Reilly to become a lot more vicious in the coming year towards Hillary Clinton, especially since she will likely be the Democrat presidential candidate in 2016. Do you think Bill O’Reilly’s criticism of Clinton is valid or does it all have to do with the political smear game?

[Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture]