Flight Attendant Caralee Savage Dances To ‘Uptown Funk,’ Gets 6M YouTube Views [Video]

Caralee Savage

It’s refreshing to hear about good things happening on planes. A video titled “Funky Flight Attendant” on the YouTube channel of Caralee Savage shows Savage getting down and dancing to “Uptown Funk” with some pretty nice moves for the flight attendant. The dancing flight attendant has gone positively viral with that little dance routine, gaining more than 6 million views for the 22-second long video in about five days. Uploaded to YouTube on March 9, the short video has a description that explains why Caralee broke into a dance routine for her airline’s passengers while waiting for all passengers to board the plane prior to it taking off.

“A little entertainment while waiting for some guests to board. I used to teach dance in high schools with Legacy One and we always encouraged the students to not worry about what other people thought of them. This is just me trying to live that out. For more info on Legacy One, go to: http://legacyone.ca Props to Gemma Torio-Rosales for capturing this on film!”

According to CBS News, Caralee — who could be dubbed the “Savagely dancing stewardess” or some such phrase if that word hadn’t been replaced with the more appropriate “flight attendant” term — works for WestJet Encore, a regional airline in Canada.

News Net 5 reported that the dancing flight attendant’s video was among the most popular trending videos in Cleveland, and has since gained at least 2 million more views than the 4 million views it had enjoyed two days ago, on March 12. Therefore, the buzz surrounding this airline crew’s entertaining dance is apparent to online viewers.

While the comments are disabled on the YouTube video, and the Legacy One website referenced in the description of the video is still under construction and only reroutes to a parked page full of ads, the dancing woman’s Facebook page is alive and well and collecting comments beneath a Facebook post that links to the same now viral YouTube video, along with more descriptions about the entertaining event.

“The captain introduced me as the flight attendant who ‘teaches dance on the side,’ that I had a little performance for them as we waited for some last guests…”

So there’s the backstory for the seemingly impromptu dance undertaken for a flight attendant who probably didn’t expect her “little YouTube video that could” to go viral in a big way, even bigger than Michelle Obama dancing with Ellen as of this writing, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via Caralee’s “Funky Flight Attendant” YouTube video]