Lana Del Rey And Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’: Will She Be Chosen Again?

Lana Del Rey fans may soon have another feather in their hats because this star might stand a chance to be connected to yet another upcoming Disney film. Lana Del Rey headlines can be a little bit on the unsupportive side — like the story that she was sent to boarding school to sober up. But other top entertainment talent gives her the respect she deserves and recognizes her for being able to do her own work — and do it brilliantly.

Lana Del Rey is known for her side projects, and one of them might stand a chance to pay off significantly for her. Lana Del Rey created a good impression when she worked with Tim Burton on the Disney film Big Eyes — and how could Tim forget? After all, the work that Lana Del Rey wrote for Big Eyes earned the film a nomination for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes and was almost nominated in the same category for the Academy Awards.

In early March, RTE 10 reported that Burton is now in charge of another Disney film — could he be calling on Lana Del Rey again? Like last time, Lana Del Rey could contribute to the movie in the form of a song.

What is this new Disney film that Lana Del Rey may or may not be perfect for? Disney has decided to take the 1941 classic, Dumbo, and turn it into a CGI/live-action movie. They have enlisted Tim Burton to direct the movie, and they are expecting him to drastically expand the film from its original meager 60 minutes. Disney also wants the racially controversial material taken out of the new Dumbo.

What will Tim Burton fill up the film with? Adding more musical numbers would be a good way to expand the film without deviating too much from the original storyline. Could this be where Lana Del Rey steps in? Could Lana Del Rey produce an entire album’s worth of music for the new Dumbo film? The option to have Lana Del Rey do this type of project is at least an abstract possibility.

Filling Dumbo with extra music written and performed by Lana Del Rey might be a fantasy, but what about just one song? Of course, Tim Burton, like anyone, will be more inclined to work with a team of musicians that has produced great results in the past. If that is the case, we at least know Lana Del Rey has a chance at landing a bit with the new Dumbo film.

The Guardian U.K. covered the Tim Burton announcement for the new Dumbo film and stated it was still in the early stages of production. Of course, what this means is that that we still do not know if Lana Del Rey or another person has been chosen for soundtrack work for the new Dumbo movie.

However, for hopeful Lana Del Rey fans, this does mean that Tim Burton still has plenty of time to choose Lana Del Rey for Dumbo. At HitFix, they are definitely against the non-Lana Del Rey alternative — Bill Murray. HitFix states the following about what Tim Burton might do with music for Dumbo.

“As much as I want to hear Bill Murray perform his take on ‘Bare Necessities,’ I think I need to see what Tim Burton does with ‘Pink Elephants On Parade.’ That alone might be worth my ten bucks.”

Is “Pink Elephants On Parade” as written and performed by Lana Del Rey in our futures? Fans can have their dreams.

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