Madonna Posts Radically Large Numbers [Video]

Madonna is really on fire. Her Super Bowl halftime show is widely being regarded as the number 1 show of all time, her new album is looking to be a mega hit before it even comes out and her new movie is being called genius by those in the know.

What is the Material Girl doing that is working so well? The answer is the same thing she has ever done.

MAdonna has been a smash hit since her first albums in the 80’s. She has shown an amazing ability to adapt to the times and to stir just enough controversy to keep her in the headlines.

Right before her Super Bowl show she made the headlines for asking her daughter Lourdes to appear in her latest movie WE. Lourdes did the part only to find her mother left the footage on the cutting room floor. Did she want Lourdes to redo the scene? Nope, Mommy fired her.

Her new album (Stats in the table below) has become the #1 album in more than 50 countries and it hasn’t even been released yet. She debuted at #13 on the Billboard top 100. This has been the 56th time Madonna has appeared on the Billboard charts.

Her new music video has already been viewed 11 MILLION times and counting. She also just announced the beginning of a massive world tour. She plans on hitting more than 30 countries while out on it. She is opening the tour in Tel-Aviv Israel where she has a special link for her studies of Kabbalah.

Watch Madonna’s newest single here