Valerie Jarrett: ‘It Was Her Who Leaked Hillary’s Email’ Obama’s Head Confidant Did The Dirty Deed

Valerie Jarrett leaked Hillary Clinton’s emails, according to the latest shocking report. Daily Mail is reporting that it was Valerie Jarrett, President Obama‘s aide, adviser and most cherished confidant, who secretly leaked the emails to an outside party—an outside party who had a direct connection to the media.

The supposed leak was an effort to maintain total control of the Democratic party and to disrupt or halt Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she would be running for president. Sources say it was payback for the Clintons’ disloyalty to The Obamas.

It was stated that President Obama had already been upfront with Hillary concerning her run for presidency, making it clear that he would not be supporting her, and that he and Michelle would remain neutral throughout her run. However, the latest shocking allegations show a desire to not only remain neutral but to sabotage her bid for the presidency.

Ed Klein was the first to speak on the Obama-Clinton feud in his book ‘Blood Feud.’ Some don’t believe that The Obamas would have a hand in trying to destroy Hillary’s chances of becoming the first woman president, and that most likely, if true, it was an independent decision by Valerie Jarrett.

Here is what a secret source said about the leaked emails.

“Obama and Valerie Jarrett will go to any lengths to prevent Hillary from becoming president.()They believe that Hillary, like her husband, is left of center, not a true-blue liberal.() If she gets into the White House, they believe she will compromise with the Republicans in Congress and undo Obama’s legacy.”

And there’s more. The source added that all of this is an attempt to destroy Hillary Clinton’s chances of ever being in the White House as president. More investigations looking into Hillary Clinton’s activities are expected.

“With Obama’s approval.() “Valerie has been holding secret meetings with Martin O’Malley [the former Democratic governor of Maryland] and [Massachusetts Sen.] Elizabeth Warren. She’s promised O’Malley and Warren the full support of the White House if they will challenge Hillary for the presidential nomination.”

Valerie Jarrett has a very close relationship with the president, dating back to 1991 when Michelle Obama and Barack Obama were engaged. She is stated to have taken the couple ‘under her wing’ and introduced them to the most influential people in Chicago. In an in depth article, The American Thinker describes the relationship between the Obamas and Jarrett this way:

“If it wasn’t for Valerie Jarrett, there’d be no Barack Obama to complain about,” starts Klein’s chapter on Jarrett. He quotes Michelle Obama on Jarrett’s influence over her husband: “She knows the buttons, the soft spots, the history, the context.”

“As president, he likes to have her next to him “as the voice of authentic blackness in a White House that is staffed largely by whites.”

Valerie Jarrett’s birthplace is listed as Shiraz, Iran, according to her bio-Wiki. Born to American parents, she has successfully carved out an impressive career in politics.

This latest news is definitely cooking up quite a scandal for the White house, but don’t expect for Valerie Jarrett to be going anywhere soon because as she stated in one of her most famous quotes:

“I intend to stay until the lights go off.”