WWE News: The Undertaker To Come Out To A New Entrance Theme At 'WrestleMania 31'?

It is well known that The Undertaker has a habit of making elaborate entrances at WrestleMania each year. It seems at WresteMania 31, that will be no different. Taker is known for the bells going off and appearing out of nowhere. The funeral-like song for him is synonymous with The Deadman. Even if you're barely a fan or don't know much about wrestling, there is a big chance you know of The Undertaker and potentially the song he comes out to.

According to Ringside News, The Undertaker could be coming out to a Johnny Cash song this year. When Undertaker answered Bray Wyatt on WWE RAW recently, the big screen said the words, "The Man Comes Around." This gave many a signal to Cash's song of the same name, which you can hear below.

This led to many believing that WWE would use the famous Cash hit. Also, this isn't Taker's first experience using a Cash song at WrestleMania. The Undertaker also used Cash's version of "Ain't No Grave" years ago as well. Many wonder why Undertaker would use such a song by Cash, knowing the speed of the song isn't exactly fitting of The Undertaker character. However, in hearing the words of the song, it fits perfectly.

There is a thought that WWE might slow it down to make it a bit more dark. However, that is uncertain. Due to Taker liking Cash and the fact that WWE has used his music before means it can pretty much be confirmed that we'll see this used.

We could very well see this song involved in the setup promotional video before the Bray Wyatt/Undertaker match. Usually, WWE will put a video together for each match to get you up to speed on what went on that led us to the match we see today. At WrestleMania, typically this is put on a bigger level, and the video has a lot more production behind it.

It is WrestleMania, of course, so that makes sense. The song is well known, so many older fans have probably heard it. The song has been used in recent ads as well, so younger fans are familiar with it. So it makes perfect sense to use a song people know. Of course, many are going to question the move. Should WWE change up the Undertaker theme? Some would say no, to leave it alone. The bells tolling and the funeral-like music are perfect. However, it appears that WWE will go the direction of Cash this year.

[IMG Credit: Bleacher Report]