Ronda Rousey: Why She Will Never Fight A Man

Ronda Rousey: Why She Will Never Fight A Man

Ronda Rousey, the UFC women’s bantamweight champion, has repeatedly defended her title, most recently when she submitted Cat Zingano in 14 seconds during UFC 184.

Ronda remains undefeated at 11-0 in the women’s category, and some have commented that she may need to start taking on men in her weight class.

“There’s a lot of guys her size she could beat,” said UFC commentator Joe Rogan, during an interview with ESPN’s Dan Lebatard. “I mean, a lot. If you took the roster of the UFC’s bantamweights, 135 pounds, and you paired them up against Ronda Rousey, she might be able to beat 50 percent of them. That’s not a joke.”

While Ronda doesn’t doubt that she could win against her male contenders, she says she will never fight a man. During a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Rousey explained why.

“I don’t think it’s a great idea to have a man hitting a woman on television. I’ll never say that I’ll lose, but you could have a girl getting totally beat up on TV by a guy—which is a bad image to put across. With all the football [domestic violence] stuff that’s been happening, not a good idea. It’s fun to theorize about and talk about, but it’s something that’s much better in theory than fact.”

She also addressed the idea during an interview with Sportscenter, saying that she could beat one hundred percent of the males in her weight class.

“I never say that I’m incapable of beating anybody, because I don’t believe in putting limits on myself,” Rousey said. “So I mean, I would have to say if you’re just talking about what’s in the realm of possibility of what’s possible of who I could beat, well, I could beat 100 percent of them.”

While Rousey will not be fighting any men anytime soon, there is a new woman calling her out.

Although she remains in retirement, Laila Ali recently claimed that Rousey couldn’t beat her, or any other woman for that matter.

“That’s like a question I’m not even gonna answer,” Ali said when asked if she would take on Rousey. “Because, for one, I’m not a UFC fighter. She’s not a boxer.” She then added, “And no woman in the world can beat me. Period.”

“She’s too much smaller than me anyways,” Ali continued. “She’s like the size of my daughter. My 3-year-old.”

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