Kyle Dyer Dog Bite: Dog Bites News Anchor in the Face During Live Broadcast [Video]

Michael Söze

Kyle Dyer, a news anchor for 9News, an NBC affiliated Denver television station, is recovering in the hospital after being bitten by an Argentine mastiff dog on live TV Wednesday.

According to reports, Dyer had been interviewing the owner of the dog, Michael Robinson and the fire fighter, Tyler Sugaski after the dog - an 85-pound Argentine mastiff named Gladiator Maximus (Max) - was rescued after falling into a frigid lake while chasing a coyote.

The news anchor was petting the dog during the interview, and was bitten on the face in the live segment. The news station is not rebroadcasting Kyle Dyer's attack, but a video can be seen below showing the dog attacking the anchor.

Following the attack, Kyle Dyer was rushed to a local Denver hospital where she underwent reconstructive surgery for injuries to her lip.

Thankfully, 9News reports that Dyer is "currently in fair condition and is being evaluated by the trauma team. She is awake and visiting with family who asked that we thank the community for their immediate outpouring of support."

Vice President of 9News Patti Dennis also added that Dyer will make a return to the news station as soon as possible.

"Kyle will go through a recovery and be back in a period of weeks--probably several, but she will be back," said Dennis.

Watch the Kyle Dyer dog bite video below and let us know: Was Dyer partially at fault for getting in the Mastiff's face? Should the owner have said something to stop her?