PetSmart Dog Death: Bulldog ‘Bubba’ Chokes To Death During Routine Nail Trim

PetSmart dog death

An English bulldog named Bubba is dead after choking to death at a PetSmart store in Mishawaka, Indiana. The dog’s owners, Sherri Mills and Terry Archer, tell WNDU-TV that their 4-year-old dog died after employees of the pet store reportedly restrained Bubba when he resisted having his nails trimmed.

FOX News reports that after Bubba started vomiting after choking in his restraint, one of the dog’s owners, Terri Archer rushed the injured dog to a vet clinic in Mishawaka. Unfortunately, the dog died prior to arriving at the clinic.

The details of the dog’s death was posted on Facebook on the Justice for Bubba page that was set up by the family of the dog’s owners.

“Bubba was a friendly dog, and got a little excited during the grooming process. The workers restrained the dog until he vomited. Even then, the workers did not stop ‘restraining’ him. It wasn’t until the dog was unresponsive that the workers took any action. By the time Bubba arrived at the emergency vet, it was too late. Bubba had choked on his vomit due to being restrained for a, what should’ve been, easy and harmless task – trimming his nails.”

A statement was issued by PetSmart earlier this week, with the retailer stating that an investigation into Bubba’s death is underway. All groomers who work in their stores reportedly complete an “extensive training program and an annual safety certification.”

“At PetSmart, the health and safety of the pets in our care is our top priority, and we are truly saddened by the loss of Bubba. An investigation is underway, but our initial review indicates that our associates acted appropriately by helping the pet parent find the nearest open pet emergency center.”

bubba the bulldog death PetSmart

The Justice for Bubba Facebook page has almost 6,000 likes and many of the followers are expressing their outrage about the incident that took place last weekend.

“Can’t imagine the pain. Something so simple that turned out so devastating. Pet Smart needs to be held accountable for sure.”

“The shop does have a deadly record. Last year they let a dog hang itself to death. I’d get a good Atty.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss! What a terrible shame to know people treat animals in such a way. These are people we are supposed to be able to trust with our pets and believe they are trained in all sorts of animal behaviors. Sad very sad!”

The family reportedly received an apology from the PetSmart store about Bubba’s death. To date, no monetary compensation has been given to the owners.

[Image: Justice For Bubba Facebook]