‘CL’ The Rapper: A ‘Beyonce’ With Ciara’s Dances & Nicki’s Raps?

CL Rapper Looks Like Beyonce - Raps Like Trina - Dances Like Ciara Headshot

Chaelin Lee, a rapper who goes by CL, slowly makes her way to American ears. Having a similar personality as Nicki Minaj and an execution like Trina, this artist knows how to deliver a flow with sexuality. Too, CL dances similar to Ciara and is very easy on the eyes. To top it off, she’s Korean.

Definitely known in the Eastern parts of the world, CL is a rapper of a different caliber. With Korean as her first language, most of her raps are in her native tongue. However, she speaks fluent English as well, and sometimes raps in English.

Aside from CL, many know Chaelin as her song specifically indicates, “The Baddest Female.” Although similarly titled, it doesn’t relate to Trina‘s “Da Baddest B***h.”

Chaelin “CL” Lee isn’t a clone of anyone else, even though her styles are very Americanized. That could possibly be attributed to the many American rappers and musical influences of whom she keeps company. In 2013, Esquire noted about the Korean rapper as follows.

“The diminutive sometimes-blonde bombshell posts smiling pictures of herself with American celebrities Will Smith and Will.i.am, and the new princes of rap, Macklemore and A$AP Rocky. Also a fashion icon, model, and polyglot (she speaks four languages), CL’s been busy while you weren’t looking…”

CL Rapper Looks Like Beyonce - Raps Like Trina - Dances Like Ciara

Four languages? Some people in the U.S. can barely cover their native language, let alone three others. It’s apparent that this rapper is no mental pushover. Accordingly, her record executives happened to find that out as well, says Kpop Starz.

“You know, YG [Entertainment record label executives] told me to… get plastic surgery before my debut. I stood up for myself and said ‘No, I’m not doing it.’

“I love CL, but I still want to be Chaelin. And if I felt like I had to change I would. But I love the natural way I look. I said ‘no’ and I’m not planning to [get plastic surgery].”

Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be a need for such a surgery. CL did right to stand up for herself and her image.

Chaelin 'CL' Lee Poses With A Variety Of Stuffed Animals

As aforementioned, Lee is slowly making her way to the U.S. as CL. She recently participated in an interview with Complex.

And it seems like CL has plenty music to come.

So what do you think of the South Korean rapper, CL? Do you look forward to what she has to bring to the table? Do you think Chaelin Lee needed plastic surgery as her label execs recommended?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Feature Image via Chaelin “CL” Lee/Instagram]