Pamela Anderson: Rick Salomon ‘Tried To Smother Me During Sex’

Pamela Anderson Rick Salomon

It has been well publicized that Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from husband Rick Salomon for a third time. The former Bay Watch star has a seemingly never-ending ability to bring herself to the attention of the gossip columns. Anderson married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee just four days after meeting him, their sex tapes were an internet sensation, and now Anderson and Salomon are throwing very ugly accusations at each other.

According to the Daily Mail, 47-year-old Anderson has filed for divorce from Salomon for the third time and for the second time during their year-long second marriage. In return, 47-year-old Salomon has applied for his marriage to Pamela Anderson to be annulled.

TMZ reports that Pamela Anderson went to court on Friday, March 13 and got a restraining order against her husband, whom she accuses of trying “to strangle her and smother her with a pillow during sex.” In legal documents supposedly seen by TMZ, Anderson claims that whilst she and Rick were having sex back in January, he spat in her face and then tried to kill her by putting a pillow over her face and by trying to strangle her.

According to E! Online, Pamela Anderson also claims that she threw Salomon a party on January 15 to celebrate his six years of sobriety. After they returned home, Rick got in a bad temper and shouted abuse at her, calling her names like “crack whore,” “b**ch,” and more, shouting, “[G]o upstairs, you ugly, dirty old b**ch!”

Anderson further claims that Salomon has read her private correspondence and that he has taken pictures of her without her knowledge. Pamela claims that Rick has threatened to make these photographs and private messages public to cause her “shock, embarrassment and distress.”

Anderson has been granted a temporary restraining order that bans Salomon from contacting Anderson in any way. A hearing to extend the order will be heard on April 3.

In papers submitted in support of her request for the restraining order, Anderson has included an email and a text message from Salomon which explain the reason he filed an annulment of their marriage. He accuses Anderson of being a “serial baby killer.”

Salomon says, “I did not no (sic) she was a serial baby killer to her husbands… she should be locked up.”

Salomon claims that Pamela Anderson begged him to get pregnant and then later aborted the pregnancy when they were married the first time around. In a text message to Anderson, Rick also claims the same thing happened whilst Anderson was married to Kid Rock.

“You never disclosed to me that you (redacted) a baby when you were married to kid rock. I heard you begged him to get pregnant with him too. I also heard it might have also been twice with him.”

Pamela Anderson and Salomon first wed in 2007 but sought an annulment two months later. They rekindled their relationship years later and married once again in January 2014. Six months later, Anderson filed for divorce but asked the judge to dismiss her petition in August of 2014. If these exchanges are anything to go by, Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are in for a very bitter divorce.

[Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images]