‘Mortal Kombat X’ Gets New Story Mode Gameplay Trailer

How can you tell the release of Mortal Kombat X is creeping closer? The best way to tell is obviously by counting the number of trailers that have been released in the last few days. First came the Mortal Kombat X trailer that showed a little backstory for Johnny Cage, now comes a video that is more than six minutes long, showing off the gameplay in the title’s Story Mode.

While the last couple of videos have clearly been trying to show off a more comedic side of Mortal Kombat X, there is very little doubt the developers also want to show people just what can be done in the game. This particular video starts off showing a number of characters in Mortal Kombat X riding in an assault helicopter on the way to a mission. Johnny Cage is again the star of this particular show, but this time the stakes are a little more serious.

During the mission briefing, Cage and company are interrupted by an attack by two well-know villains of the Moral Kombat universe. Scorpion manages to take out the pilot of the chopper by shooting his grappling hook into the pilot’s face. After boarding the craft, he utters his famous line “get over here,” and Cage and the villain spar for a bit. After eventually being dispatched, Scorpion is replaced by Sub-Zero, and he and Cage have a short fight as well.

The video also shows off the brutality that will be front and center of Mortal Kombat X, first by the way the two evildoers dispatch soldiers in the chopper and then the subsequent fight on the ground, where Cage is shown snapping the arm and leg bones of both enemies during one-on-one fights. The trailer also shows off the fact that there will be dialogue that is clearly built around the fights, including one comment from Cage when he’s fighting Sub-Zero and he says he “should have worn mittens.”

For those who are having their appetites whetted for the game, there is a bit of bad news if you are looking to play Mortal Kombat X on last-generation consoles. The title’s versions for the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been delayed until later “this summer.” That’s bad news for some, although it’s likely the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be bigger sellers. Mortal Kombat X for current-generation consoles and the PC is due out April 14.