Drake Podcast Drops -- Obviously Hosted By Comedian And Music Writer

True Drake fans want to know about everything related to their favorite artist, and sometimes there can be gaps in Drake-related discussion. However, if you are feeling that there is not enough Drake in your life, there is a solution online that can help you get through those tough feelings of withdrawal. This is especially true if you are still working through any hard feelings over the Drake and Bernice romance drama.

Starting in February, a music writer and a comedian got together to produce Toronto's first Drake-only podcast. So far, they have created two hour-long shows that only discuss Drake. They have added their podcasts to SoundCloud and call the Drake podcast Trust Issues.

Why did they decide to do this Drake-based radio show? Rawiya Kameir is a writer for the music website Complex and stated in her first interview about the Drake podcast that she felt like she was a "Drake expert" because she had to write about him so much.

Kameir asked comedian Lauren Mitchell to join the Drake podcast as a co-host, and Mitchell stated, "Rawiya emailed me one day, asking me if I wanted to start a Drake podcast, and I was like, 'I'm listening to Drake RIGHT NOW, so, yeah. of course.'"

The two hosts of the Drake podcast certainly make it funny, and there are several priceless quotes online. For example, for Complex, Kameir says about Drake, "He's so hilarious and fascinating and everything he touches turns to meme."

When asked about her favorite Drake lyrics, Mitchell says, "'Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no make up on, that's when (I'm) the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong.' Put this on my tombstone."

Regardless, it appears that in addition to talking about Drake, the two podcast hosts are experts in Toronto's hip-hop culture. When asked by the Torontoist about directing a Drake fan to Toronto hip-hop, they mentioned, "Keita Juma, Jazz Cartier, Kardinal,... Jimmy Johnson,... and Choclair."

Despite their expertise in music outside of Drake, you will not hear about anything else but Drake on the hour-long Trust Issues podcast. Can anyone stomach an hour worth of Drake-only discussions?

Metro News Canada quoted Kameir, who said, "It's a lot to ask for people to listen to you talk about Drake for 45 minutes or an hour."

Nevertheless, Kameir wants potential audience members to know that they have wide access to Drake knowledge -- so things will never get boring. Kameir told Metro News Canada the following.

"We both spent a lot of time doing this [talking about Drake] anyway.... Drake is a big part of our work. He's also part of our social lives."

Drake is part of the social lives of these two hosts? How deep does their connection with Drake go? Perhaps that was said in a vague way to lure audience members to their podcast?

To summarize their Drake podcast for potential fans, Kameir ends an interview by stating, "We're both fans, and approach it from a place of respect that makes it more than gossip fodder. Even though we make fun of him and his friends a lot, we're not in it just for that."


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