One Direction And McBusted’s Wildly Different Definitions Of Diva

McBusted recently told a newspaper in England that touring with One Direction has turned them into divas — but when McBusted started defining what a diva is, there were immediate, hilarious results.

Last year, McBusted teamed up for tour dates with One Direction starting June 21 in France. In February, McBusted and One Direction played Australia for several shows.

Now, the McBusted group is getting ready to do it all over again with One Direction for a set of European tour dates in June. Live Nation lists the McBusted/One Direction concerts as playing in Dublin, Helsinki, Oslo, Brussels, Göteborg (in Sweden), and Horsens (in Denmark).

However, McBusted regrets to inform One Direction that the presence of the band has permanently turned McBusted into divas. Is there any evidence of this? If you look at the Instagram accounts for individual McBusted members, you will see possible signs they have been influenced into becoming divas by One Direction.

In one example, Tom Fletcher posts a picture of a fancy “gluten-free, sugar-free strawberry cheesecake” just a week after ending their tour with One Direction in Australia.

Doug Poynter published a photo from his Instagram account a couple of weeks ago of new, extravagant cowboy boots with a caption that said, “New kinky cowboy boots for kinky tour shenanigans.”

How are we going to keep McBusted down on the farm now that they’ve toured with 1D? It’s impossible to tell. In an interview with the Mirror, the McBusted band say that while touring with One Direction, they realized that they “could ask for that stuff.”

Tom Fletcher chimed in about One Direction’s influence on him and said, “We’ve been more diva-ish on this tour… We saw One Direction’s [dressing room] and thought ‘We want that’.”

Have the guys in McBusted been aching for a One Direction lifestyle for too long? Even though they have been a band for eight years longer than One Direction, they are still dreaming about the little things.

For example, James Bourne recently tweeted, “I wanna go the stand where they sell drinks and snacks and buy stuff. I think about that at least 2 or three times during our set.”

Is McBusted’s idea of being a diva the kind of high-maintenance stuff similar to One Direction’s standards? One Direction is notorious for doing graffiti in their dressing rooms, but what about the other demands that make them divas? In mid-February, the Daily Mail published a story about McBusted’s experiences with touring Australia with One Direction.

They stated, “Harry Judd, was clearly jealous about One Direction’s tour luxuries and admitted they don’t even have little fun gadgets like that on their own tour.”

Harry Judd supported this statement that they wish they were divas like One Direction, saying, “We don’t even have that [an arcade machine] on our own tour.”

However, Harry Judd of McBusted recently said things that show their expectations are pretty low compared to One Direction.

Judd humbly told the Mirror, in the second week of March, “Our dressing room is epic this tour. There’s dark drapes up the wall, a couple of plants and a coffee machine.”

If only we could all just get a coffee machine, some dark curtains, and a few plants and feel like we are on par with One Direction.

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