Louis Tomlinson Nude Photos On Twitter Makes Fans 'Speechless'

When is the last time you had a picture of Louis Tomlinson in the buff? If it has been awhile since you have seen the contours of Louis Tomlinson's abdomen, stay tuned. Louis Tomlinson and One Direction are on tour in Singapore and Bangkok -- and eager fans are snapping photos of them everywhere.

On Twitter, there was a lack of Louis Tomlinson-related images for awhile. Now that he is back on tour, there are more than enough Louis Tomlinson photos to quench the thirst of fans. After their Singapore show, Twitter had one new snapshot after another of Louis Tomlinson and his bandmates on stage, hanging out with fans, and bumping around town.UnReality TV U.K. documented Louis Tomlinson's night out on the town in Bangkok and said, "Last week Liam took to Twitter to blast reports that he has a drinking problem after he was spotted leaving a club in Japan with some pals. However, Payne at least didn't do what Louis did and fly all the way to LA for a few days of partying. Last night Tommo was at it again and he was out hitting the bars in Bangkok."

Then, right in the middle of all the normal Louis Tomlinson photos fans expect to see posted from their tour, a One Direction fan account drops topless photos of Louis Tomlinson.

What is the story here and how did we get a chance to have these Louis Tomlinson gems? Posted by the Twitter account, @1DFamily, the photo was allegedly taken in Bangkok, Thailand, as Louis Tomlinson was leaving the pool area of a hotel.In the photos, Louis Tomlinson is fully exposed from the waist up and his hips are wrapped in a long white towel. Fresh from the pool, Louis Tomlinson's hair is glistening. One nice thing about these photos is that Louis Tomlinson is standing in front of a mirror -- which means admirers get a front and side view of him mostly in the nude.Of course, Louis Tomlinson-hungry fans went wild. Comments on Twitter under the pictures that @1DFamily posted of him said things like, "Speechless," "I just fell off my chair," and "I am unworthy."

Could this get any better? As it appears, Louis Tomlinson may also be breaking up with his girlfriend, according to rumors.

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