Emma Watson’s Nude Photo Leaked? Harry Potter’s Hermoine Granger Angry Over Hacker Threats

Were Emma Watson’s nude photos leaked as claimed by hackers? The threat of their release had the Harry Potter actress raging about women’s rights.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, many of the young actors and actresses have been running from their Harry Potter fame, and Matthew Lewis posted new photos in order to prove he is not Neville Longbottom anymore. Emma Watson also says men can be feminists, and that being so isn’t too hard.

Shortly after the infamous event now called “the fappening,” a website calling itself “Emma You Are Next” popped up and featured a photo of the actress next to a clock. At the time, it was believed someone connected to the hackers responsible for the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos would try and target the Harry Potter actress. It was also claimed either Reddit or 4chan users created the website.

The timing could not have been worse. Watson happens to be the United Nations Ambassador Women, and while everyone was talking those celebrity nude photos she was focused on speaking at Facebook’s headquarters in London to mark International Women’s Day.

“My specific mandate is to advocate for women and girls but I also understand that these oppressions are interlocking, mutually reinforcing,” Watson said. “Inter-sectionality is a really important word here. We need to be supporting each other, I hope they feel this is their movement, because it is.”

According to The Independent, the threat to leak Emma Watson’s nude photos never materialized, but Watson felt the timing was intended as an attack on her hard work, which was quite upsetting.

“After I gave my speech [at the UN] there was a website threatening to release naked pictures of me. I knew it was a hoax, I knew the pictures didn’t exist, but I think a lot of people that were close to me knew gender equality was an issue but didn’t think it was that urgent, that it was a thing of the past. And then when they saw that the minute I stood up talking about women’s rights I was immediately threatened, I think they were really shocked, my brother was particularly upset. This is a real thing that’s happening now, women are receiving threats. I was raging, it made me so angry, I was like, this is why I have to be doing this. If anything, if they were trying to put me off it, it did the opposite.”

True to these words, Watson reached out to Jennifer Lawrence in order to help the other actress with her leaked photos. The overall result of the fappening is that 4chan and Reddit have both cracked down on leaked nude photos of everyone, not just celebrities.