‘Lazy Kate’, Eight Months Pregnant, Determined to Prove Elizabeth – And England – Wrong

In the midst of the decades-long saga and longstanding drama otherwise known as the British Royal Family, everyone’s had a bit of a cross to bear. Rumors fly about them all, discussions range from their weight to their outfits to their taste in wine; in fact, very little is not scrutinized about them. But perhaps the biggest scrutiny of all seems to be the rumored family disputes that Queen Elizabeth and Catherine, Princess of Cambridge, married to prince William, seem to have quite regularly.

Most of the rumored arguments stem from the fact that Kate Middleton just seems to do things her own way — she refuses a baby nurse the first few months she has a newborn, she has Christmas with her commoner family instead of the queen, and there’s even been talk that she is interested in a home birth, which reportedly infuriates the Queen. The Queen also has been rumored to say that Kate shirks her social responsibilities, something that Kate Middleton’s late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, never did. Kate seems to favor motherhood and all things related although she makes plenty of public appearances as is documented by pictures of her, well, everywhere.

So it’s difficult to say exactly what the beef is, other than the fact that Kate Middleton’s very difficult pregnancies have been plagued by hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare condition that causes extreme nausea and vomiting, thought to be triggered by pregnancy hormones. Kate was hospitalized during her first pregnancy and therefore was not able to make as many public appearances, but Elizabeth doesn’t seem to be sensitive to the plight of the young princess. She feels she needs to pull her weight with public relations from the royal palace, and Princess Kate seems to be upping the ante in response to reports from the press calling her ‘Lazy Kate’.

Indeed, Kate is sending the message loud and clear, as she showcased her baby bump in a winter white wool coat, that she is willing and capable to make every appearance required of her role, pregnant or not. Not much could show more earnestness on her part than the message of the latest downtown photo which is that, at eight months pregnant, Kate is still putting in her public appearances, day after day, and smiling all the while.

While many of her appearances center around charity work, she also regularly attends military and ceremonial events, and plans to until the day she gives birth. She is said to be due to have her second child in the first week of April.

[Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images]