Pregnant Woman Robbed En Route To Hospital, Baby Safe, Criminals Still Free

Baby Malcolm Xavier

Ebony Sowells gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Wednesday, but that wasn’t the original plan. The pregnant woman was on the way to the hospital to have birth induced on Tuesday, but a group of armed robbers took her car and a variety of personal items.

According to local ABC11, the pregnant woman was leaving her home in Houston, Texas, when a group of armed assailants stopped them as they were about to leave in the car.

Sowells was with her husband when the robbers attacked. The criminals forced the couple back into their home while they helped themselves to their personal items.

They reportedly took many gifts from the baby shower and other items related to the birth, including several gift cards and money orders.

She explained, “All the baby stuff was in the car. We were on our way to the hospital. I was like, OK, we can’t bring the baby home without a car seat.”

There were a number of other personal items, including tax forms, birth certificates, and forms of identification. The robbers got away in the car, luckily for the family it was a rental.

The pregnant woman added to KPRC, “my son is supposed to be here and to take that moment away from me, is hurtful.”

According to the authorities, the vehicle was recovered a few minutes later at the local dollar store. Apparently, the thieves ditched Sowells’ rental car, robbed a security guard, and took his car.

Sowells’ story is hardly the first criminal case against a pregnant woman. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one pregnant woman was viciously beaten by a man because she did not say “thank you” when he opened the door for her.

The man abruptly flew into a rage and threatened to “kick this baby out of your womb.” The woman suffered cuts and bruises, but the unborn child was safe.

Luckily, Sowells’ story had a happy ending too.

She could go to the hospital the next day, where she gave birth to seven-pound, two-ounce Baby Malcolm Xavier.

“I lost everything I needed for the baby, but I could have lost my life,” she later explained.

The couple opened a GoFundMe page to help pay for the items they lost in the robbery. They’re trying to raise $1,500 to replace all the of the lost items. To make a contribution to the fund for Baby Malcolm click here.

[Image via ABC11]