Josh Brolin Saves Surfer In Trouble: Star Caught On Video In Lifesaving Heroic Act

Josh Brolin is caught on video as he saves a surfer in an amazing act of heroism that became known to the public only today, March 13, even though Brolin’s remarkable effort that results in saving a man’s life took place back on February 27.

Brolin, a hard-working actor and son of actor James Brolin, has starred in numerous noteworthy Hollywood movies, including three films by the acclaimed Coen Brothers team: the Oscar-winning 2007 No Country For Old Men, the 2010 remake of the classic western True Grit and the upcoming Hail, Caesar!, in which he co-stars with George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson.

But the scene was worlds removed from the fantasy of Hollywood as Brolin and his current flame Kathryn Boyd were vacationing in Hawaii in February, with the California native Brolin making time for one of his life’s passions, surfing.

That’s when Brolin spotted a fellow surfer in some kind of distress. According to an account in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, Brolin saw that the man, who has yet to be publicly identified, appeared to be lying face down and motionless on his surfboard, floating aimlessly off the coastline.

Brolin then paddled on his own surfboard out to check on what might have been wrong with the other surfer.

The man grasped for Brolin, then apparently struggled to stay on his own board as the Inherent Vice star towed him in, risking his own life in the strong Pacific Ocean currents.

The currents are believed to be the cause of the other surfer’s difficulties, as he apparently became physically exhausted while attempting to paddle against the overwhelming currents.

Josh Brolin has not commented on the incident, and clearly sought no publicity for his heroics. But a bystander caught most of the incident on video, and on March 13, two weeks after it happened, the video somehow appeared online.

The Daily Mail posted the video on its own site, and the remarkable footage can be viewed on this page as well.

Josh Brolin, 47, was vacationing with Boyd, a former executive assistant at Brolin’s production company who became the actor’s real-life romantic interest after Brolin’s divorce from actress Diane Lane last year, according to the Daily Mail.

Watch the incredible video of what may be the greatest Josh Brolin role yet — the role of real-world hero — as he saves a fellow surfer in the newly surfaced video, above.

[Images: Eamonn M. McCormack/Gerry Images]