Kristen Bell Talks ‘Frozen’ Sequel And Why Her Daughter Doesn’t Know She’s Anna

Kristen Bell has voiced one of the most popular animated characters in the history of animation, and as she and her co-stars gear up for a sequel, she says she’s a little torn about having “the talk” with her daughter.

“I almost don’t want to burst her bubble while she’s young. It’s a little bit difficult for kids who meet me to understand why I am not a cartoon and why I don’t look like Anna. And I always hate bursting their bubbles because sometimes parents will shove the kid in front of me and go, ‘This is Anna. This is Princess Anna!’ And the kid just looks at me and is like ‘What?'” Bell told CBS News.

Frozen shattered all kinds of records when it was released last year. With the soundtrack blowing up as well, and with a new short film preparing to air with the theater premiere of Cinderella this weekend, the studios have announced that a second Frozen film is on the way, much to the delight of millions of little girls everywhere. The short–titled Frozen Fever–will feature at least one new song and focuses on Elsa and her plans for a birthday party for Anna.

Bell says she would play Anna forever if she had the chance, and is excited to work with the same cast and crew once again. She’s so excited, in fact, that she’s been posting photos on Twitter with hilarious captions related to the movie.

As far as Bell’s daughter, 2-year old Lincoln, there isn’t much fanfare where the movie is concerned. At her young age, she hasn’t seen the blockbuster yet and doesn’t know or care what her mom does for a living.

“She’s never seen Frozen! She is not my biggest fan. She just doesn’t know what I do for a living! She couldn’t care less. It is extremely humbling to come home to someone who couldn’t care less about what you do!” Bell told Us Weekly.

That won’t be the case forever, or so Bell hopes.

“It’s funny, I’m more excited as an audience member because of the sister themes. Because one day when I show it to both my girls together, it will have significance to them and their dynamic. I’m really excited about that because I think it really says something really special about sisters,” Kristen Bell said.

[Photo courtesy Ellen/YouTube]