Did ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Just Get Cancelled?

Hart of Dixie CW

Did Hart Of Dixie just get cancelled? It hasn’t been confirmed just yet but it doesn’t look too good. Rumors have been circulating about the CW’s show status after Twitter messages were sent about the last episodes left to air.

From the looks of it it sounds like creator Leila Gerstein has been told ahead of time that Hart Of Dixie is not making it off of the chopping block and that Season 4 will be its last. Here’s a series of tweets the creator left about the season (possibly series?) finale for season 4 of the show.

TVLine notes that star Scott Porter had tweeted about the ratings decline, but decided to delete the tweet. The original tweet read, “Folks wondering why #HartOfDixie got canned? Simple numbers game folks. Ratings still matter and dictate wins and losses. You have to WATCH.”

Previously to his deleted tweet Porter urged fans to watch the show.

Fans of the show are understandably upset about Hart Of Dixie and are tweeting in hopes that they will be able to pull together for a new season.

Others are already sending condolences to the actor about Hart Of Dixie’s fate.

The fact that Hart Of Dixie is unofficially cancelled isn’t much of a surprise. The Inquisitr predicted it among its 21 shows that wouldn’t make it to the 2015 fall season.

[Image via CW]